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Workshop europeo MEDIASCRIPT sull'adattamento di opere letterarie per il cinema con un progetto specifico dal romanzo dell'autore inglese Martin Hocke (pubblicato in italiano col titolo: “Complotto alla PHIAT”)



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Direttore del Giornale Online cittadino VICINI (

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Turin-born Franco Fratto began his professional activity as a journalist at an Italian radio station.

He has worked as a writer and producer in the audiovisual sector: documentary and corporate videos.

His feature-length SFfilm "Memory" won the FictionPrize at the 1993 International Festival of Cinema of Salerno.In April 1998 he founded and produced the webzine of information on the metropolitan area of Turin known as TurinPolis, immediately characterizing it with strong multimedia content (as the visit of Pope John Paul II on the occasion of his pilgrimage to the Sacred Shroud:it was the first time in history that the Pope's visit had been transmitted live on the internet).

In 2004 Franco won the Giovanni Trovati Journalist's Prize given by the Association of Journalists in Italy and “La Stampa”.

His work "The Sun in the Cruet", a film and TV mini-series based on the figure and the life of the Italian scientist, Alexander Cruto (who discovered the light-bulb filament before T.A.Edison), has been optioned.

Franco is also working on a cinema adaptation of a major novel of Martin Hocke, on which he holds the option: "The Chessboard of the Powerful": a story of espionage and love. His screenplay for "The Blind Knight" narrates a history during the medieval period, and has as its protagonist a young noble who fears losing his beloved to the violence going on around him and, blinded and without memory of his past, becomes a Knight of the Temple in the period preceding the fall of Jerusalem at the time of the Crusades.

In 2012 Franco founded : webzine of information on the metropolitan area of Turin.

•    Screenwriter and director
•    TV and movie project development
•    Audiovisual pedagogic documentation, institutional communication and organization of cultural events devoted to the families
•    Executive producer live streeming events
•    New web digital platforms for contents (multimedia e news)

Forte di Fenestrelle -
Documentario pellicola.
Alta Val Chisone - Documentario pellicola - per la Regione Piemonte.
Memoria - Lungometraggio 35mm - premiato nel '93 al Festival internazionale del cinema di Salerno.
I Trionfi del Barocco - Video istituzionale per Palazzo Grassi.
Premio Internazionale Italgas - Dirette video in webcasting e in due lingue di quattro edizioni presentate da Federico Fazzuoli e da Alessandro Cecchi Paone.
Mostra “Le meraviglie di Leonardo” - Diretta video dalla dalla Biblioteca Reale di Torino.
Consiglio Provinciale di Torino - Dirette video.
Comune di Torino – Video pedagogici attività didattiche 0-14 anni.