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EDN, Doc/it, Documentary in Europe
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Graduate programme for European producers EURODOC
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EiE Film s.r.l (Torino)

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Animatore socio-culturale / Organizzatore eventi culturali
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Recent works

The Other Fellini (Italy, 52’-75’, HD, b/n e col.), directed by Stefano Bisulli and Roberto Naccari. An intimate sight into the complex personality of one of the most talented Italian cinema authors, narrated through the fragile relationship with his brother. The discovery of the forgotten artist Riccardo Fellini, the brother through unpublished archive material composed by drawings, letters, stories with, in the background, Federico Fellini's movies. An EiE film and POPCult production, with the support of MEDIA program, in association with the Fellini Foundation and Cinematica. Pitched at: Documentary in Europe 2011. Delivery: 2013. Festival Premiere: Festival di Roma (10 Novembre 2013).

The King of Mont Ventoux (Belgium, France, Italy, 52’-75’, HD, b/w e col.), directed by Fons Feyaerts. The most difficult phase of the Tour de France in the middle of a competition among four of the most important cyclists ever. Stories, archives and an hypothetic race between them to decide who will be the cyclist crossing the line over all.
An Associate Directors (Belgium) production, with the support of MEDIA program and VAF(Flemish Fund), in co-production with ARTE, Seppia (F) andEiE film. Pitched at: Documentary in Europe, Cannes Mipdoc.

Cosmic Energy (Italy/Spain, 2011, HD /DV, 52', col.), directed by Giuseppe Schillaci. Convinced that space, nature and all human beings share the same cosmic energy, three enterprising Italians found an alternative, eco-friendly agri-business. A research institute tests their theories and practical implications. Groovy dreamers or geniuses, can the power of pyramids and positive thinking really change the world? Produced by EiE film in co- production with Chello Multicanal (Spain), with the support of Piemonte Doc Film Fund and in association with POPCult. Festival: Hot Docs (World Premiere 4/5/11), Visioni Italiane, Cinemambiente. Pitched at: Thessaloniki, Toronto. Distribution: EiE film

Living Without Money (Italy/Norway, 2010, HD, 52', col.), directed by Line Halvorsen. Heidemarie Schwermer, a 69 year-old German psychotherapist, has been living without money for 13years through bartering and free exchange of favors, time and collaboration. It is possible to feel rich without possessions? What is our relationship with money?
Produced by EiE film in co-production with Dalchows Verden and NRK (Norway) in association with YLE (Finland) and ERT (Greece) with the support of MEDIA program, Norwegian Film  Institute, Nordic Film & Tv Fund, Piemonte Doc Film Fund, Film & Kino and Fritt Ord. Festivals: Oslo International Film Festival, DocsBarcelona, Al Jazeera Film Festival, Piemonte Movie, The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival, The Awareness Festival, Los Angeles. Pitched at: IDFA, Amsterdam. Distribution:Sales Agent -Maria Chiara Martina.

Canned Dreams (Finland, France, Italy, Portugal, 2012, 52’- 70’, 16mm, col.), directed by Katja Gauriloff. An European countryside population portrait, that turns around raw material growing, to produce an industrial packaging of canned ravioli. A journey through the stories and the life of the protagonists who contribute in many ways to the productive die. An Oktober Oy production, with the support of AVEK, Finnish Film Foundation, YLE, TV2, and in collaboration with RTP, ARTE, ORF, NRK, SVT. EiE film is the Italian associated producer, with the support of Apulia Film Commission. Festival: Berlinale, Hot Docs, Dokpoint
Pitched at: Toronto. Distribution: Deckert International.

XXL –Extra Large Life
(Italy, 2009, HD, 52’, col.), directed by Tania Pedroni. Everybody must be beautiful, thin, fit. It seems that everybody has to look like this in the world we live in. Starting a diet is a well-known struggle. But for some people this is an almost impossible or extremely difficult challenge. Some people, in fact, are really far from today’s beauty standards: they are fat, extremely fat. How is living an extra large life in a world that wants you super thin and fit like? Produced by POPCult, in association with EiE film, in collaboration with RAI3 and with the support of Piemonte Doc Film Fund. Distribution: JAVA films.

Already Dead – Bruno Against the Mafia (Italy, 2008, Dvcam,  52', col.), directed by Alberto Coletta. The story of Bruno Piazzese, a Sicilian businessman from Syracuse, front lining the racket war. The Mafia already destroyed his pub three times, but he is moving towards the fourth re-opening. Produced by EiE film in association with the Coop. Animazione Valdocco, Libera Association, Commissione Anti –Mafia, with the support of Regione Piemonte, Piemonte Doc Film Fund and Sicilia Film Commission. Festivals: DocsBarcelona, Documè, European Media Event, Brussels; Piemonte Movie.

When We Tremble - Close to the Quake
2008 – In progress - A 52-min. documentary film about earthquake prediction and how people try to protect themselves from earthquakes.

Neve Mesto - New Roads 2007 A 26-min documentary film about a group of Roman Gypsies living in Turin, trying to find an honest job. (Produced for the European Commission).

Young Ideas 2006 A 26-min documentary film about a project inside the city of Turin created to support creativity among the young generation. (Screened by three local television).

Just in a Moment 2005 Awarded a prize at the short film festival SONY “Troppocorti” (Too short) An exam at school, the result of a tender for contract, a medical examination… 11-min. documentary about three people living a significant moment of their lives.

Un giorno alla volta (A Day at a Time) 2005 A 30-min. documentary describing a particular working day of three partners who, like many others, are building the future of Cooperativa Animazione Valdocco, moment after moment, gesture after gesture, word after word... a day at a time.

Europa Andata-Ritorno (Europe outward journey and return) 2005 A series of 8 mini-documentaries of 15 min. about the activities of the European program “Youth” in Piedmont.

Ci vediamo domani (See you tomorrow) 2004 Broadcast on 28th March on LA7 “25a ora”. A 48-min. documentary film which follows for an entire academic year a class of students in their last year of middle school and getting ready for their final exam. The film focus on three young students, 13-14 years of age. Production: Intermedia of Cooperativa Animazione Valdocco - Ministry of Public Education, University and Research - Piedmont Region - City of Turin.