Main profession
Effetti speciali del make-up
Secondary profession
Effetti speciali di scena
Altre iscrizioni
Born in
Maturità artistica (1999) / Tecnico del restauro (2003)
Professional training


Mould marker's boot camp with Rob Freitas (2016) presso Millennium Fx (UK).


Millennium Fx (Londra), Coulier Creatures Fx Limited (Londra), John Nolan Studio (Londra), Studio Nucleo di Piergiorgio Robino (Torino), Cosmesis Studio (Sud Africa), Makinarium (Roma), Dario Fo (Milan)

Other experiences

Teacher at Scuola per Artigiani Restauratori Maria Luisa Rossi ,mar 2019, Torino, Italia.
Introduction to special effects. Realization of a prosthetics gelatin appliance, application and coloring. Life casting demo.

Lingue di lavoro
Italiano, inglese, francese, spagnolo
Recent works

Supervisor Mould Maker for "Simone Veil" by Oliver Dahan at POPFX - Paris -Makeup department - Sep/Oct 2019

Supervisor Mould Maker for "The bird of feather" at Biomimic Studio of Gustav Hoegen  - London - CFX department - Jan/Sep 2019
Resin piece-mould and core for the foam latex bird creature.
Mould making for a silicone animatronic child body for the University of Pisa.

Supervisor Mould Maker for "Colour out of space" by Scarlett Amaris and H.P. Lovecraft at 13Finger Fx - London - CFX department - Feb
Matrix resin piece-mould for a creature.

Key Mould Maker and Sculptor for "Krypton" (Netflix TV-Series) at  Millennium Fx - London - Sfx department Oct 2018/Dec 2018
Resin moulds for foam latex creature heads and body and for silicon prosthetic appliances.
Collapsible hands cores.

Modeller for "Star Wars episode XI" at CFX Neal Scanlan Studio Limited London - CFX department - June 2018/Oct 2018
Resin moulds for foam latex creature heads and body and silicon prosthetic appliances.
Collapsible hands cores.

Mould Maker and Assistant make up artist for "Artemis Fowl" at Kristyan Mallett Makeup effect Limited, London - Make up department - Mar 2018/May 2018
Epoxy and urethane moulds for encapsulated silicone prosthetic appliances.
Seaming for silicon hands glove and feet.
Assistant makeup artist on set.

Mould Maker for "Genius 2: Picasso" (National Geographic TV-Series) at EffektStudion Efx - Stockholm - Makeup department, Oct 2017/Feb 2018
Moulds and collapsible cores for encapsulated silicone prosthetic appliances, Antonio Banderas matrix master mould and bush up master mould.
Prosthetic makeup technician, silicone running, clay press and clay injection.

Supervisor Mould Maker for "The Perfume" (Netflix TV-Series) at Twilight Creations - Berlin - Make up  department Aug 2017
Matrix resin piece-mould and silicon cast for a full body.

(2017) - London Mould Maker – Special Effect, TV Mould for the armour bodysuit parts of Cyberman character, BBC One

(remake) by Luca Guadagnino (2016) - London Mould Maker - Make up department, Film Industry Moulds for encapsulated silicone prosthetic appliances, plaster and resin casting. Full body resin cast and resin casting.

E (2018) by John S. Baird, written by Jeff Pope 2016 - London Mould Maker - Make up department, Film Industry Resin piece-mould for a full body resin cast.

Sculptor – Animatronics, TV 2016 - London
Clean up and texturing of a plastiline life cast. The sculpting of a sloth’s head, animatronic reproduction for a BBC documentary.

Studio Nucleo di Piergiorgio Robino
(2010/2015) - Torino
Head Mould Maker, Model Maker – Art Design / Interior Design Realization of models, prototypes and moulds for a limited number of casts of luxury furniture and design objects. Technical consultation.

by Paul W. S. Anderson 2015 - South Africa
Assistant Mould Maker, Sculptor, Body Painter – Make-up department, Film Industry Moulds and sculptures for encapsulated silicone prosthetic appliances, lab technician. Tattoo applicator and body painter on set.

by Ben Stiller 2015 - Roma
Mould Maker for silicon set prop – Props department, Film Industry

(remake) by Timur Bekmanbetow, produced by MGM (2015) -Roma
Sculptor, Mould Maker, Art Finisher, Painter – Practical Effects, Film Industry Sculptures, moulds, resin casting, fabrication and colouring of the hero chariots. Mould making for swords and spears, weapons set props.

Dario Fo
2014 - Milano
Assistant Painter - Theatre Art works for exhibitions and publications, mixed media – oil and acrylic on canvas and paper.