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Direttore di produzione
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Laurea in Scienze Politiche (Università degli Studi di Torino)
Resident in Piedmont
Professional training
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Recent works

Unit Production Manager
• Feature Film “EUROPE RAIDERS” by Jingle Ma with Tony Leung and Chris Wu – produced by JET TONE (Mr. Wong Kar-wai);
• Photo shoot for Esquire China cover with Monica Bellucci
• CBS show “Amazing Race” – Season 29 episode 07 in Venice Italy.

Unit Production Manager
• Tv Ad Pepsi Japan “Momotaro” - production PANORAMA FILMS
• Feature Film “QUO VADO?” by G.Nunziante with C. Zalone – produced by TAO DUE (highest grossing movie in Italy ever);
• Tv Series “SQUADRA MOBILE 2” directed by Alexis Sweet – Broadcaster Canale 5 – produced by EAT MOVIE.

Unit Production manager
• Tv Series “SQUADRA MOBILE 2” directed by Alexis Sweet – Broadcaster Canale 5 – produced by EAT MOVIE

Unit Production manager
• Tv Show “AGGRATIS” – Broadcaster RAI DUE produced by HANGAR - Gregorio Paolini
• Tv series “IL BOSCO” directed by Eros Puglielli Broadcaster Canale 5 – produced by TAODUE.
Line Producer
• Feature film “La Sapience” by Eugene Green, prod. La Sarraz Pictures/Mact Productions (Locarno 2014 film festival, Toronto Film Festival 2014, New York Film Festival 2014, London Film Festival 2014, Rio Film Festival 2014, Torino Film Festival 2014)

Line Producer
• Feature film “Passione Sinistra” by Marco Ponti, prod. Bianca Film Srl
Unit Production manager
• Tv movie “La Tempesta” by Fabrizio Costa, prod. Pepito Produzioni Srl – Broadcaster RAI UNO
• Tv Movie “Un Marito di Troppo” by Luca Ribuoli, prod. Pepito Produzioni Srl – Broadcaster RAI UNO
Festival Selection Committee
• Official selectioner for International Film Festival “Sottodiciotto”, 2012 Edition in Turin - Italy

Unit Production Manager
• TV Series “Terra Ribelle 2” by Ambrogio Lo Giudice, prod. Albatross Film Srl - Broadcaster RAI UNO – Shot in Argentina, Uruguay and Brasil

Line producer
• Feature Film “Sette Opere di Misericordia” directed by M. e G. De Serio, prod. Lasarraz Pictures s.r.l. (Locarno Film Festival, Winner at Marrakesh Film Festival)
• “Artifacts”, Tv documentary produced by SciFY Channel (NBC Network)

Unit Production Manager
• Tv Movie “Ti amo troppo per dirtelo” regia di M.Ponti, prod. TAO DUE S.r.l., Broadcaster CANALE 5
• TV Series “L’ombra del destino” directed by P.Belloni, II Unit; prod. Albatross Entertainment S.p.a.; Broadcaster CANALE 5
• TV Movie “Mia Madre” Directed by R. Tognazzi, prod. Ellemme Group Spa – Broadcaster RAI UNO
• "Lycia Deo Fresh", Photo shoot by F. Lombardi, prod. Frozen S.r.l./Leo Burnett
• "Lycia Deo Fresh 10" TV Ad, directed by M.Azzali, prod. Frozen S.r.l./Leo Burnett

Line Producer
• Feature Film “Pietro” by D. Gaglianone, prod. Baby Doc Film and Gianluca Arcopinto (Film Festival di Locarno 2010, Turin Film Festival 2010).
Unit Production Manager
• Photo shoot “SANCTUARY” by Gregory Crewdson for Gagosian Gallery, prod. PANORAMA FILMS S.r.l.
• Feature Film “Eat Pray Love” by Ryan Murphy, prod. PLAN B for SONY ENTERTAINMENT – Ex. Producer Italy – PANORAMA FILM
Location Manager
• Tv Movie “Il Mostro di Firenze” by A.Grimaldi, prod. Wilder S.r.l., Broadcaster SKY TV

Unit Production Manager
• Feature Film “Angels & Demons” by Ron Howard, prod. SONY Entertainment

Sept. 2007 – Feb. 2008
Unit Production Manager
• Feature Film “PA-RA-DA” by Marco Pontecorvo, prod. Panorama Films (IT), Yalla Films (FR), Domino Film (RO) – 65° Venice Film Festival, TIFF ’08

Unit production manager
• Video performance/installation “Peopling the Palace” di P. Greenaway per la Regione Piemonte, Fondazione Reggia di Venarla ed associazioneVolumina.
Production manager (since october)
• Promo for “Chicco Trio Flexi”, directed by P. Calcagni, prod. La Fiorita Officina S.r.l.
• Promo TDK “Blue Ray”, directed by P. Calcagni, prod. Smashing Productions (UK)

Production manager (since october)
• Feature film “Nessuna qualità agli eroi” (No qualities for heroes), by P. Franchi, prod. I.T.C. Movie S.r.l., Bianca Film (in competion Venice 64°)
• Collaboration with Movida Entertainment for the production of several music clips for italian bands and singers.
• Documentary on three italian artists for the National gallery of modern and contemporary art of Turin
• Documentary on 25 years of AIDS, funded by the Piedmont region, directed by D. Migliardi, prod. LUMIQ S.p.a.
• Promo and photo shooting for Alfa Romeo new Spider car, prod. HUB s.r.l. Deputy BVM
• Assistant Broadcasting Venue manager for Torino Olympics 2006 , for all biathlon competitions

Production manager
• Commercial “Lenovo/Olympics”, prod. Epoch Film (U.S.A)
• Feature Film “7Km from Jerusalem” by C. Malaponti, prod. Artika Film/RAI Cinema
• Documentaries for Torino 2006, NBC Olympics U.S.A.

Unit manager
• TV Series “ROME 2005”, HBO Network (U.S.A.), prod. Fortuna Felix Film
Production manager
• Short Feature Film “La Bumba” directed by A. Dominici, Prod. Ass. Culturale Celluloide
• Documentary “Fulvio Croce”, prod. esecutiva Adverbox S.r.l. for Ordine Avvocati Piemontese
• Documentary “Torino raccontata da Dario Voltolini” (Turin for Dario Voltolini – a writer) directed by A.D’Onofrio, Exec. Prod. DNA International for RAI Educational.

Production manager
• Feature Film “Andata +Ritorno” (Back+Forth) by M. Ponti, Prod. H&M Film
Location Manager
• Feature Film “Le intermittenze del cuore” by F. Carpi, Prod. BuskinFilm

Production manager
• Docufiction Film “La memoire aux alouettes” by P. Meyer , Prod. Dune & Associati S.r.l./ AGAT Film (France)
• Feature Film “La Spettatrice” (The spectator) by P. Franchi, Prod. Emme Produzioni S.r.l.
• TV Program “Cartoons on the Bay”, Exec. Prod. MMP for RAI2
Line Producer
• Short Feature Film “Playgirl” di F. Tagliavia, Prod. Emme Produzioni S.r.l./ I.T.C. Movie S.r.l.
Editorial consultant
• Collaboration with the editorial committee of production company Emme produzioni, for reading, suggesting and revising scripts for possible new movies.

Post production manager
• Feature Film “Tre punto sei” (three point six) by N. Rondolino, Prod. Lares Video S.r.l.
Production manager
• Feature Film “Santa maradona” by M. Ponti, Prod. Harold S.p.a.

Location manager
• Feature Film “Hermano” by G. Robbiano , Prod. Gam Film S.r.l. Location manager
• Feature Film “The emperor’s New Clothes” by A. Taylor, Prod. Panorama Film
Production manager
• Feature Film “Il mondo di Rupert” (Rupert’s world) by F. Moretti, Prod. Unistudio S.n.c.
Ass. prod. manager
• Feature Film “Una Lunga Lunga Lunga notte d’amore” (A long long long night of love) by L. Emmer, Prod. Gam Film S.r.l.

Prod. manager
• Feature Film “Tra Due Donne” (Between two women) by A. Ferrari, prod. By Icaro Productions
Ass. Prod. manager
• Feature Film TV “Un Colpo al Cuore” (A shot to the heart) by A. Benvenuti, Prod. Mastrofilm S.r.l.
Location Manager
• Feature Film “L’uomo della fortuna” (The lucky man) by S. Saraceno, Prod. VCR S.r.l.

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