Film Commission Torino Piemonte for several years now,  has been pursuing the objective of making the work of productions active in Piemonte region more environmentally sustainable.

A film set is a workplace that can be seen as a travelling city or a condo consuming materials and resources. Hence, as  everywhere, it is the duty of each and every person working in it to respect the environment and act in a responsible and eco-sustainable manner. This basic concept translates into a series of possible actions  which, following the moral obligations to reduce consumption, reuse recovered materials and recycle used materials, will improve the set environmental performance.

Film Commission Torino Piemonte is working in that direction through the development of two main activities:

  • creation of a network of suppliers, both specialised and non-specialised, based in the territory, that may help the production find materials and services characterised by maximum eco-sustainability. Particularly important in this respect is the agreement signed with SMAT, Torino water operator, which manages the integrated water service and  which can, on request, supply water for on set consumption via distributors replacing plastic bottles, thus allowing medium and small sized movies to cut down consumption by 1200 bottles, the equivalent of 1.8 km of non-produced plastic; 
  • adoption and implementation protocols for best environmental management practice on movie sets. In particular, in the framework of the virtuous path engaged in by Italian Film Commissions and Edison, Europe's oldest energy company, which created the Edison Green Movie protocol,  operational since 2011, Film Commission Torino Piemonte and Edison signed a cooperation agreement in 2016 to synergistically promote sustainability on film sets. Therefore, film productions planning to make feature films and TV series with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte will be able to take advantage of the facilities provided by the “Green Set” project for all practical applications and promotional initiatives, possibly using Edison's expertise to implement the sustainability protocol.

Some years have already gone by since Film Commission Torino Piemonte started to implement the first practices for a more environmentally friendly film production. A brief history: 

Participation in national working groups on the subject.
First production of a "green" movie in Piedmont: La vita possibile  directed by Ivano De Matteo – produced by Rodeo Drive, Barbary Films, Rai Cinema – thanks to the cooperation with IREN.
Projects adhering to sustainability protocols: Le ultime cose directed by Irene Dionisio – produced by Tempesta, Ad Vitam, Amka Films Productions, Rai Cinema. 

Initiating collaboration with SMAT.
Agreement with Edison for the adoption of the Edison Green Movie protocol.  

Initiating procedures to improve FCTP headquarters' energy performance.
Projects adhering to the Edison protocol:
Blood Bags by Emiliano Ranzani - produced by Grey Ladder Productions
Projects adhering to other sustainability protocols:
Lazzaro felice by Alice Rohrwacher - produced by Tempesta and Rai Cinema 

Initiating procedures to improve FCTP headquarters' energy performance.
Regione Piemonte and FCTP launch the Piemonte Film Tv Fund call for feature films, TV films and TV series (POR FESR 2014-2020 - Azione III.3c.1.2, see here), providing, in the technical-financial and merit evaluation section, for projects to adhere to a certified environmental sustainability protocol (2 points in the event of an agreement or pre-agreement with qualified structures).
Projects adhering to the Edison protocol:
Berni e il faraone directed by Marco Chiarini – produced by Walt Disney Company Italia and 3Zero2
Il mondo sulle spalle directed by Nicola Campiotti – a TV movie produced by Picomedia and Rai Fiction for Rai Uno
Ognuno è perfetto directed by Giacomo Campiotti - TV series produced by Viola Film and Rai Fiction for Rai Uno

Initiating improvement work at FCTP headquarters, Via Cagliari/Via Buscalioni, covering an area of around 6,000 square metres in the Aurora district.
Projects adhering to the Edison protocol:
Giustizia per tutti by Maurizio Zaccaro, TV series
Projects adhering to other sustainability protocols:
Palazzo di giustizia

Head of Production Office
Emanuele Baldino