During its activity supporting film and audiovisual productions operating in Piemonte region, Film Commission Torino Piemonte has always regarded short films as both an art form with its own specific identity, and an important experience for the world of young authors and independent productions, as the short film format does allow them to gain a first access to the world of cinema and set dynamics, representing an area of freedom and experimentation, conducive to developing  and testing  new narrative and production formulas. 

Having supported dozens of short films by providing assistance, logistics, locations, services (assistance that continues to be offered, see Service), Film Commission Torino Piemonte has been promoting since 2014 the Short Film Fund, an ad hoc aid measure as support for sector internationalisation and professionalisation, along with the creation of a suitable breeding ground for new talent.

Short films are also supported with special programs, workshop, etc., in partnership with CNC - Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio / Torino Short Film Market. (see Torino Film Industry - Production Days).