Dead Times is based on a true story. A widow finds two tombs for her husband. A mystery that can only be solved by a shrewd professor and by two unlikely gravediggers. What they find will open the doors to a forgotten past.

Dead Times is an original project that aims to attract interest from a conscious citizenship on the link between the history of the 20th century and the contemporary, focusing on the story of Italian Military Internees (IMI). The IMI were a unique case in history: more than 650,000 Italian Anti-Fascists that, for various reasons, after September 8th 1943, were imprisoned in German, Polish and Greek camps.

Dead Times faces a difficult subjects, playing with lightness and irony. Starting from a dramatic and ignored story, we question ourselves about the loss of memory, both collective and individual, as a pathological disorder. Can a person, or a State, consider itself adult if it has chosen to forget rather than to face its past?

Damiano Monaco, Lucio Lionello
Gabriele Monaco, Damiano Monaco, Lucio Lionello, Simone Gigiaro
Director of photography
Francesco Crivaro
Film Editor
Damiano Monaco, Lucio Lionello
Costume Design
Marta Alessandra Bertino
Original Music
Andrea Cremisi, Daniel Cremisi
Gian Luca Tamai
Altri credits

Mirko Guerra (Montaggio del suono); Riccardo Olivero (Sound Effect); Domenico Brioschi (Voice Over); Denis Sabato (Capo Macchinista); Stefano Palladino, Domenico Bruzzese (Macchinisti); Riccardo Forin (Elettricista); Jacopo Meneghin (Focus Puller); Davide Merlo (Assistente Operatore e Operatore drone); Renato Di Gaetano, Virginia Chiodi Latini (Fotografi di scena); Lisa Srefani & Gabriele Salvo Buzzanca (Storyboard); Chiara Fucà (Graphic Design); Chiara Tomasetta (Traduzioni).

Cast and characters

Anna Bonasso, Roberto Accornero, Lorenzo Demaria, Jurij Ferrini, Andrea Nicolini, Paola D'Acquila, Gabriele Bocchio, Michela di Martino.

Executive production
H12 Film, Infrared (Estonia), Ouvert (Italia)
Con il sostegno della Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Short Film Fund -