Piemonte Doc Film Fund is the first Film Fund in Italy exclusively dedicated to supporting documentaries. Active since 2007, it evolved from the initiatives taken by Regione Piemonte from 1996 aimed and Film Commission Torino Piemonte from 2000 to support film and video production.

Piemonte Doc Film Fund is:

  • aimed at supporting documentaries produced by companies and film-makers based in Piemonte - for projects on stories and topics related to the local area, and also for projects related to other region or countries;
  • aimed at supporting documentaries produced by national and internation companies -
    - for projects on stories and topics related to Piemonte region, involving local companies and professionals, if they find a company based in Piemonte as a partner/co-producer (you can contact Film Commission Torino Piemonte for lists and contacts).

In both cases, the Fund is aimed at encouraging co-production ventures between local and national or international companies, pursuing the growth of documentary-making in Piemonte, both from an artistic and an industrial point of view, as well as acting as an incentive for new filmmakers and trends, and develop the documentary visibility currently expanding through different channels (festival, screenings, TV channels, digital platforms...).

Piemonte Doc Film Fund offers support to one of the following stages:

  • Project development (research, writing, teaser or promo production, fund-raising, search of co-productions and advance sales);
  • Production (shooting in Piemonte / Post-production at local studios)

Applications may be submitted 2 times a year (deadlines on June and December). A reply is guaranteed within 60 days. International applicants require a Piemonte-based company as a partner/co-producer. Application form is only in Italian version (see the Italian page of Piemonte Doc Film Fund).

Head of Piemonte Doc Film Fund

Paolo Manera
T +39 011 23 79 201

Head of Piemonte Doc Film Fund Secretary
Alfonso Papa
T +39 011 23 79 212

Llast Update
29th October 2020