The company Rossofuoco was founded in 2002 by Film Director Davide Ferrario. The main goal was to produce feature films and documentaries under complete creative control, as well as coupling independence with the market. This strategy proved itself very successful: starting with Dopo Mezzanotte” (After Midnight), which was a big hit at home and was sold to over 100 territories, the company has been able to work for 7 years with production / distribution partners such as Medusa, RaiCinema, Warner Brothers.

Since 2004 Davide Ferrario produced and realized international hits as the feature documentary La strada di Levi (Primo Levi's journey) which has been distributed in USA, France and the feature film Tutta colpa di Giuda.

In 2008 Rossofuoco started to produce films directed by other directors: Di Madre in Figlia, a feature documentary was the first attempt: it premiered in Toronto in 2008 with enthusiastic reception and feedback in several festivals.

The latest documentaries produced by Rossofuoco, Piazza Garibaldi and Tra-La-La have been presented during the recent editions of the International Cinema Exibit in Venice, Italy.

Davide Ferrario’s latest feature film, La Luna Su Torino, will be presented in Autumn 2013.

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