On January 27th, 1945, Primo Levi, author of the world-famous If This Is a Man, was liberated from the Auschwitz concentration camp. It took him ten months, dozens of detours, many delays and thousands of miles to get back to his home in Torino. In the course of his trip he crossed Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Rumania, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and finally arrived in Italy. He told the story of his adventures, meetings and observations in another very famous book, La Tregua (“The Truce”).

Sixty years later, director Davide Ferrario and writer Marco Belpoliti follow the same itinerary through contemporary, post-communist Europe. It’s a stunning and moving trip through history and geography. The film reconstructs Levi’s adventure but also portrays the condition of modern Europeans, visiting the remnants of Soviet Empire, Chernobyl, neo-nazi rallies, villages of poor migrants.

Primo Levi’s Journey is a road movie - without actors but with a quest in mind. We, like Primo Levi, are living today at the end of a truce… For Levi it was the truce between the end of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War; for us it’s the one between the fall of the Berlin wall and September 11, 2001. “In our film, we did not find the answer to what’s ahead for us. We just set out to meet people without preconceptions, to understand the paradoxes in which we Europeans live” said Ferrario.

Davide Ferrario
Davide Ferrario, Marco Belpoliti
Director of photography
Gherardo Gossi, Massimiliano Trevis
Film Editor
Claudio Cormio
Original Music
Daniele Sepe
Gianni Sardo; Vito Martinelli (Sound Designer) con Zero dB
Altri credits
Marzia Milanesi - Comunicazione per il Cinema (Ufficio stampa)
Production Director
Federico Mazzola, Emanuela Minoli
Executive production
Davide Ferrario. Francesca Bocca (produttrice associata).
Rossofuoco e Rai Cinema
con il sostegno del MBAC (Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali – Direzione Generale per il Cinema), MEDIA e della Film Commission Torino Piemonte
01 Distribution
Voce narrante
Umberto Orsini
International sales
Adriana Chiesa Enterprises
Festival - markets - events

Uscita: 19 gennaio 2007

- Cinema, Festa Internazionale di Roma 2006: Cinema 2006: In Concorso
- Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2006: In Concorso
- The Times BFI London Film Festival 2006: Cinema Europa
- Toronto International Film Festival 2006: Real to Reel

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