From mother to daughter is a feature documentary about “Mondine”: female rice pickers and weeders, typical of northern Italy lowlands in the first half of the last century.
Nowadays twenty of them -- now in their 70s - sing in a choir work-songs learnt in the rice paddies, wearing the same straw hats they had when they were children. They travel from concert to concert, telling about their hardwork childhood and wartime years to the younger synthetic music generation. Bread, roses and - thanks to the electro-folk band Fiamma Fumana - electronic beats. Their music defends an ancient idea of XX century italian workers: work as a struggle for freedom.

Says director Andrea Zambelli: “What striked me more about the “mondine” is their lifepath: they lived their first years in a country shaken by fascism and war, starting working when they were ten, in an environment of total misery. They started riceweeding when they were thirteen and for some of them it went on until they were sixty. Their youth and their dreams were denied by the world they grew up in. In the choir, these women become protagonists: the choir allows them to discover once
again values of feminine sociability and collective action, that they learnt during rice weeding times. Ambitions and dreams typical of youth can be realized only now that
they are grown up. The rice paddy, that denied their youth, gives back to the “mondine” a human heritage that they express through their songs, in their shows, in the transmission of their experience to the new generations, thanks to the meeting with a rock band that melts traditional songs and new musical technics and styles.”

Andrea Zambelli
da un'idea di Alberto Cottica e Jessica Lombardi
Director of photography
Andrea Zambelli
Film Editor
Claudio Cormio
Original Music
Coro delle Mondine di Novi e Fiamma Fumana
Vito Martinelli (Montatore suono) con Zero dB; Elisabet Armand (Fonico di presa diretta).
Assistant Director
Chiara Codetta
Altri credits
Marzia Milanesi Comunicazione per il Cinema (ufficio stampa); Elisabeth Armand, Massimo Repole e Vito Martinelli (suono di presa diretta); Christian Alberini, Elis Cannas, Chiara Morcelli, Martino Pellion di Persano, Luca Scaffidi e Andrea Zanoli (operatori); Fabio Sonzogni (voice over); Medhin Paolos (fotografo di scena); Studi Bellissimo – Lab80 – Panalight (Service); La Fiorita Officina (postproduzione)
Production Director
Federico Mazzola
Executive Producer
Andrea Cremaschi
Davide Ferrario. Francesca Bocca (produttrice associata).
Rossofuoco (Torino)
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte e della Regione Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Fund - Fondo regionale per il documentario - post produzione settembre 2007), Antenna Media, Fondazione Cassa di risparmio di Modena e la Provincia di Modena
Assistente al montaggio
Cristina Sardo
International sales
Adriana Chiesa Enterprises
Festival - markets - events

2009 Uruguay Festival Internazionale del Cinema dell'Uruguay: Concorso Documentari
2009 Toulouse Incontri del cinema italiano: In Concorso
2009 Monaco Monaco Film Festival: Internationales Programm
2009 Parigi   Istituto Italiano di Cultura
2009 Milano Cineteca di Milano - Spazio Oberdan
2009 Bergamo XXVII Bergamo Film Meeting
2009 Torino   Piemonte Movie 2009 - Un anno di cinema sotto la Mole
2008 Torino   26° TFF Torino Film Festival - sezione Lo stato delle cose - Premio Maurizio Collino Miglior Film
2008 Toronto (CA) 33° TIFF Toronto International Film Festival: Real To Reel - Prima mondiale il 4 settembre 2008.


Rossofuoco - Andrea Cremaschi
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