The destinies of Sven, a Norwegian-owned anarchist cycle activist translator of Pasolini, of Giulia, a young peasant woman who defends her property speculation, of Andrea, a passionate cyclist wedding photographer and of Mario, a fifty-year-old overweight policeman, talkative and with irrepressible gestures, they converge as they struggle to build a path along the Tiber River, to go from Rome to the sea. The enemies are: fixers who have built marinas for obscure trade, aristocratic landowners, mediocre politicians, building owners and false friends. We will see how this story will end in the images of the troupe that descends from Norway to Southern Europe to document the feat of their countryman, getting their boots dirty in the mud of the river banks. A fresco that becomes an apologue for a wrong society, our little story unfolds on the brink of an economic, ecological, urban, anthropological disaster that affects us all.

Taking on the merciless lesson of Reichert and Bognar's cinémavérité in the Oscar documentary "American Factory", we document a series of facts from which the central theme emerges: Italian society, its evils, its anxieties, mirror of a West confused and terrified of the pandemic. The anti-hero protagonist, a solitary figure, anarchist, lucid analyst, collides with that world of respectability, conformism, distorted power that is responsible for the cultural and civil degradation of society. Armed with hook and sickle, he faces "the South" to recover, tracing paths that the first rain and the reeds will dissolve, a path that bears the name of Pasolini. A reference, ours, to the "Writings Corsari", a volume of the 70s of radical criticism of Western developed societies. Small anabasis in which the cruelty and beauty of the river landscape and the population living there on the edge, coexist with the struggle of a man chasing a utopia.

Pietro Balla, Monica Repetto
Pietro Balla, Monica Repetto
Pietro Balla, Monica Repetto
Director of photography
Simone Revoire, Antonio Demma
Cast and characters

Sven Scheen

Production Director
Monica Repetto
Organizzatore generale
Executive production
Pietro Balla, Monica Repetto
Pietro Balla, Monica Repetto
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo dicembre 2020, produzione dicembre 2021
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