release 2015

Tomaso Bruno is an Italian twenty years old boy like many others, restless, wealthy and traveler. He leaves for India at the beginning of 2010 looking for himself: he will find the death of a friend, a murder charge with no foundation and a life sentence. But during the long time spent in prison, Tomaso holds out, recalls, imagines, reads and writes thousands of letters describing how he found his freedom within four walls of injustice. Now in 2014, together with Tomaso's father and mother we will go through the last three days before the Indian Supreme Court's definitive sentence.

I wouldn't have done this movie. I know Tomaso since he was child, l was his soccer coach in the church team: l was sixteen. Our life paths let us met several years after in Bologna, where, under the stars in Piazza Maggiore, we talked all night long searching the way to get out from the ready-made schemes of our lives. Reading Tomaso's letters I discovered the strength and the heart of the movie, and I had reacted. In his words, written in four years from the jail, there’s a wonderful coming-of-age story...a boy that became man. Simultaneously, there's the story of a little country town in the Italian province, mine and Tommy’s Albenga, which rediscover the high value of being a community and than suddenly split because of a preconception. And last, above all, there’s the universal story of Tommy’s parents, Euro and Marina, which will give us the chance to ask ourselves how much we trust in legal justice; how and to which point, we really believe to our beloved; what we would be disposed to do, for their freedom?

Sergio Luca Loreni, Adriano Sforzi, Federica Iacobelli
Sergio Luca Loreni, Adriano Sforzi, Federica Iacobelli
Director of photography
Marco Ferri
Original Music
Daniele Furlati
Production Director
Stefano Perlo
Organizzatore generale
Stefano Perlo
Executive production
Stefano Perlo
Stefano Perlo, Ivan Olgiati
Ouvert Cine Rental / Articolture (Bologna)
con il sostegno della Film Commission Torino Piemonte e della Regione Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Fund - Fondo regionale per il documentario - produzione dicembre 2014)
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Trasmesso da Rai 3 - Doc 3 il 2 febbraio 2017

In concorso al Bellaria Film Festival 2017

Perlo Stefano (Ouvert Cine Rental)
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