A man punches a kangaroo: animal rights activists get indignant. The sexy teacher. Trump tweets. chemtrails, antivaccines, 30 euros per immigrant, breaking news: the West is drowning in information overload. Fake newspapers with true hoaxes, real newspapers with false information, readers who believe everything or nothing. Due to a business model where only quantity and speed are important. And fake news upset politicians and institutions .
Is it all lost? Maybe not. A group of diehard Italian journalists is trying to recover the best practices of the trade. They are not alone. In Oregon, an old teacher cultivates the dream of slow news. In England there are those who started the race to be the last ones to get on the news. And rebuild on ruins of the social networks society.
On the trail of this seemingly impossible mission, between newsrooms and freelance, moves Giorgio Montanini, irreverent and sense manufacturer. To retrieve the truth and the meaning which seem to disappear.

If in 2016 the Oxford Dictionary has decided that the word of the year is “post-truth”, if the fake news is shared more than real news and newspapers grope in a thin gray line between the need to deepen and the need to make an extra click for a few dollars, it means that something has broken.
"Slow News" recounts the information environment, the old journalists who were not ready and the young people raised in the loop stimulus-gratification of the social networks, readers without tools and defenses. The analysis of causes and consequences of a huge problem, with unpredictable effects (but damaging) on society, takes place even with the help of the satire.
The journey across the slow journalism, the one that explains, creates the context, joining the dots, tells how things can be done differently. It is an anchor to hold on for the future.

Alberto Puliafito
Andrea Coccia, Giorgio Montanini, Fulvio Nebbia, Alberto Puliafito
Andrea Coccia, Giorgio Montanini, Fulvio Nebbia, Alberto Puliafito
Director of photography
Fulvio Nebbia
Film Editor
Enrico Giovannone (BabyDoc Film)
Original Music
Alessandro Zangrossi
Marco Montano (presa diretta); Davide Favargiotti (post-produzione)
Andrea Parena, Francesca Frigo (BabyDoc Film), Iacopo De Gregori
Cast and characters
Giorgio Montanini, La redazione di Slow News, Peter Laufer (docente Università dell’Oregon, autore di The Slow News Movement), Rob Orchard (direttore Delayed Gratification, UK), Giovanni De Mauro (direttore di Internazionale), La redazione di Valigia Blu, Frédéric Martel (autore di Mainstream e Smart), Davide Mazzocco (autore di Propaganda Pop), Ermes Maiolica (autore di una serie di bufale in Italia), Lea Korsgaard (direttrice di Zetland, Danimarca)
IK Produzioni s.n.c. di Fulvio Nebbia e Alberto Puliafito
con il sostegno della Film Commission Torino Piemonte e della Regione Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Fund - Fondo regionale per il documentario - sviluppo dicembre 2016)
Fulvio Nebbia (IK Produzioni)