Tony, 11, became famous on the web as an ethnic Sinti trap singer, and his popularity led his father and grandfather to prison two years ago. Tony has been feeling guilty ever since, but once his sentence is over, his father Fiore continues to push him to pursue his dreams as he tries to get a job and be a good father. Along with some very special Sensei, Tony grows and learns what it means to be a true artist as he studies and trains, trying to build the kind of man he wants to become. From Milan's suburbs and nomadic camps to Milan's glittering skyscrapers, Tony produces his first studio album and tackles ethnic prejudice, online hating and teenage problems, aided by a gang of unique characters. The scenario is that of the European periphery made of poverty and great ambitions, which unites the young Italians to the young French of the suburbs on the edge of big cities, from Banlieu to Scampia, from Naples to Milan, from Paris to Marseille. A story of youth, music and social classes that unexpectedly connects different nations, characters in search of a musical destiny, mistakes and perspectives, that overcomes the distinctions between French and Italian to speak with the language of music that tastes of social redemption for people who have lost everything and just want to be recognized.

This is a story about the dream of becoming a teen music star from the point of view of a gypsy boy, born and raised in a Roma camp on the outskirts of Milan. Gypsy boy, born and raised in a Roma camp on the outskirts of Milan. We will follow the journey of this boy's journey to success from his perspective. A journey that will be both in the personal life of the boy, from his relatives to his family, but also in his personal growth. The narrative trains of this story are the pursuit of success as a form of social revenge, the education of a boy who dreams of being an artist, how hard it is to endure online hating and finally a practical demonstration of how the younger generation produces and consumes social media. The background of this narrative is the underground musical world of Milan, the world of trap that goes from the world of trap that goes from the suburbs of poverty to the clubs of the center, painted with the bright colors of video clips and social stories. The audience of this story are not only teenagers, who can refer to this film as a guide for making music in the 1920s, but also their parents, who can better understand the world of these young people through the father-son relationship of the main characters.

Gianluca Orrù
Gianluca Orrù
Gianluca Orrù
Director of photography
Corrado Vogna
Film Editor
Eleonora Trussardi
Fabio Catalano
Cast and characters

Tony, Fiore, Shambala, Vacca Don, Zio Genny

Production Director
Elisabetta Cannata
Organizzatore generale
Annalisa Imperiale
Executive production
Domenico Latanza
Gianluca De Angelis
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo dicembre 2020
Last update: 12 January 2024