In the heart of the 20th century there is a page of History that is one of the least explored. The League of Nations, active since 1920, was the first experiment in the management of international politics through a permanent body of mediation between states. Of its history, most remember only a few inglorious images; soon overwhelmed by the conflicting interests of the most powerful nations, the LofN succumbs to the confrontation with the nascent dictatorships, and actually dies with the outbreak of the WWII, only to be replaced by the UN. The fact that History has taken different paths from those indicated by the great idealists who had conceived the LofN does not in any way diminish the visionary power of their action. Retracing their human and existential parable and their political action means exploring a key moment in our History when the dream of perpetual peace between peoples was tragically overturned, with consequences that still tragically mark our present time.

The two decades of life of the League of Nations are full of significant events which, for the first time in history, have been able to be told through a film camera. It is a period of exceptional historical and artistic interest during which some characters have tried, with varying fortunes, to give a new direction to the relationship between nations. 'The shortest century' intends to retrace the facts through the imposing mass of cinematographic, photographic, musical and written archives available, telling the story of an institution and of an era, but even more, the story of the difficult journey, still in progress, towards the harmonization of an increasingly interdependent and integrated world. A historical and cinematographic journey guided by a narrating voice and by that of the personalities who perceived with greater acuity the direction that the human assembly had to go towards…

Federico Schiavi
Federico Schiavi
Federico Schiavi
Altri credits

Alba Lombardia (Ricerche d'archivio - internazionale); Ilaria Sbarigia (Ricerche d'archivio - Italia); Selene Silvestri (Amministratrice).

Production Director
Giovanni Zaninotto
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo giugno 2022
Assistente di produzione
Cindy Juglair
Last update: 20 September 2022