Portraits of Cinema is a journey into creativity, an opportunity to discover how great authors of ltalian and international cinema deal with deep themes of their poetics and their staging. A way to talk about cinema without talking about cinema. The director Paolo Civati proposes some choices to his protagonists, leaving them complete freedom in their answers, each one in its own language, at his own pace, to create a dialogue between apparently distant worlds that have the language of cinema as common thread.  A game of cross-references between authors to try to unveil the profound meaning of creativity. 


Portraits of Cinema has the ambitious aim of trying to reflect on the theme of creativity in the world of cinema.  Taking advantage of the opportunity offered by Riccardo Ghilardi's photographic sessions organised by the Museum of Cinema in Turin, we have the possibility of real encounters with great ltalian and international authors. The director Paolo Civati has been chosen to do this, on the strength of his experience ranging from theatre to documentary, from directing to acting, which has enabled him to develop an originai approach that allows him to get in touch with the deeper side of the language of cinema. A free consideration, a multi-voice dialogue that seeks to recount the language of cinema from several points of view and that aims to convey the love and passion that moves authors and performers.

Paolo Civati
Paolo Civati
Paolo Civati
Director of photography
Valentina Summa
Film Editor
Andrea Maguolo
Original Music
Flipper Music
Carlo Alberto Novaria
Cast and characters

Ashgar Farhadi, Pablo Lorrain, Tim Burton, Damien Chazelle

Executive production
Cristian Elia Berna
Gianluco Cannizzo
Cannizzo Produzioni
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - produzione dicembre 2023
Last update: 05 March 2024