In the 90s, in the Italian music scene you can begin to heard of beats, scratch, break dance, freestyle... the wave of rap propagates across the ocean and arrived in Italy generating an undergrowth of artistic and musical experiences, Initially they were only known by fans of the genre, but earlier became famous to the general public.
In 1994 the output of the best Italian rap record, SXM bi Sangue Misto brings the issue to the fore. Until 1999, is a hive of groups and artists under the spotlight of all media. Then suddenly comes the beginning of the decline of the genreas. Around the 2002 it began another phase of the rap, the protagonists of the previous decade disappear, but their lesson remains etched in the history of music.
“Number Zero” tells the golden age of the italian Hip Hop through the voice of his characters and come to a reflection on the present, thanks to the involvement of an exceptional narrator, Ensi ...

'Numero zero' aims at telling the origins of a music movement still is unknown, even if nowadays it is living a sort of rebirth: the italian hip hop.
Thanks to the fact that the director is deeply involved in the subject, furthermore he worked for years to find the right direction of the storytelling, we are working on an original film, in which the subject is told through an historical approach, by alternating interviews with today witnesses and archive materials (often unpublished).
The involvement of mc ensi (as co-author and speaker) guarantees an entry point to reach a large audience. The collaboration between zenit and withstand guarrantees income of different kind of sources in the financial plan of the project (private sponsors, broadcasters). There will be many distribution channels, thanks to the involvement of the music production company 'tanta roba' that will allow the editorial matching with magazines and records. We will reach national radio and tv stations that are now working with ensi (radio dj, mtv, 105). We are planning a fund raising strategy to get private sponsorships (clothes, records accessories....)

Director of photography
Simon Luca Chiotti
Film Editor
Set Design
Michela Natella
Simon Luca Chiotti
Altri credits

Alessandro Giorgio (Ricerca Archivi). Fabio Coggiola (Montaggio del suono e Mix/Editing audio). Simona Chiarello Ciardo (Responsabile comunicazione/Relazioni esterne). DeeMo (Progetto grafico e motion design), Luca Barcellona (Logo). Marco Fantozzi (Correzione colore). Maccabruni e Partners (Consulenza legale). Martina Parma (Amministrazione). AMG International, SGM srl (Materiali tecnici). Gagarin Post (Post Produzione).

Cast and characters

Ensi, Ice One, ESA, Tormento, NextOne, Kaos, Fabri Fibra, Neffa, DeeMo, Militant A, JAx, Frankie HI NRG, Albertino, Paola Zukar, Danno, Fish, Double S, Fritz Da Cat.

Production Director
Tommaso Dragoni
Organizzatore generale
Tommaso Dragoni (Withstand)
Executive production
Francesca Portalupi
Francesca Portalupi (Zenit Arti Audiovisive), Davide Ferazza (Withstand)
Withstand in associazione con Zenit Arti Audiovisive (Torino)
con il sostegno della Film Commission Torino Piemonte e della Regione Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Fund - Fondo regionale per il documentario - sviluppo settembre 2013, under 30 e produzione luglio 2015)
Withstand (festival), Wanted (proiezioni), Feltrinelli (DVD)
Assistente al montaggio
Voce narrante
Assistente di produzione
Silverio Chiappara, Pierluca Marchisio, Giancarlo Morieri, Carlo Cossignani, Andrea Grasselli, Enrico Galli, Giuseppe Favale
Festival - markets - events

In concordo nella sezione "Documentari" ai David di Donatello 2015-2016

Biografilm Festival – International Celebration of Lives | Bologna 5-15 June 2015

Premio Speciale Unipol Biografilm Collection 2015 | Premio di distribuzione messo a disposizione da UNIPOL Biografilm Collection e I WONDER Pictures

Audience Award – Biografilm Music 2015 | Premio del Pubblico al miglior film di Biografilm Music

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