Anyone who can think of an iconic image of Lou Reed or David Bowie, of Frank Zappa or Kate Bush, or of Italians Giorgio Gaber, Fabrizio de André, Vasco Rossi, and Gianna Nannini is most likely thinking of a Guido Harari photograph. Recounting through his portraits, the extraordinary musical revolution of the late twentieth century, from the pop music of the 1960s to the beat generation, from the singersongwriter season to international rock, from punk to the pop of the 1980s, passing through the various avant-garde experiences, expanding into all expressions of culture even beyond music, is the living matter of this documentary. Starting from his home in Alba, the narrative thread weaves the photographer's life into an intimate relationship with the characters he photographed. Guido Harari's journey is the track around which anecdotes, unpublished images, and unexpected dramaturgical cues develop, linked by the passionate human adventure of a young man who, beginning as a simple fan chasing the tours of his musical legends, later became the interpreter, as his friend Lou Reed said, of the "sound of the soul of those being portrayed".

The aim is to narrate a series of "rooms," each one representing a period in the life of Guido Harari, one of the world's most celebrated music photographers. A set of Chinese boxes, in which each one exceeds the previous one, but continues to contain it. The traveler in these rooms is the photographer himself, who with his camera will act as Cicero and the protagonist of a journey through time and space. This documentary allows us to tell part of the story of Italian and other music of the twentieth century through a series of encounters and through the enhancement of a series of absolutely unpublished and very personal private archives.

Through meetings with the protagonists of his photos and with the help of absolutely unpublished archives, the documentary is a journey through the different phases of musical culture from the 1960s to the present day. Harari is a portrait painter who has met almost all the leading figures of Italian and international music but also many others such as scientists, fashion designers, writers and entrepreneurs. Each of Guido Harari's images, even when he does not portray music, has its own sound. And it is a sound that is the result of many stories, which will be told again through our images. This project is in continuity with two documentaries previously directed by Daniele Cini and Tekla, both on two other leading figures in Italian photography (Paola Agosti and Gianni Berengo), both films broadcast on RAI. This third documentary stands in continuity and seriality with the previous two.

Daniele Cini
Daniele Cini, Claudia Pampinella
Daniele Cini
Director of photography
Fabio Catalano
Altri credits

Antonella Vitelli (Promozione e Marketing); Annalisa Imperiale (Segretaria di produzione)

Cast and characters

Guido Harari

Production Director
Domencio Latanza
Organizzatore generale
Eleonora Trussardi
Executive production
Gianluca Orrù
Gianluca De Angelis
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - produzione giugno 2023
Last update: 09 November 2023