In 1962, a young man, son of Italian middle class entrepreneurs, leaves the family company to chase his hidden dream: music. He travels to Rome first, where he lives through the period of La dolce vita of the early 60ies. Then, he travels to Argentina to arrive in New York City in 1967: the golden age of Jazz. Suddenly he finds himself surrounded by the myths of generations: Astor Piazzolla, Miles Davis, Luis Armstrong, Joao Gilberto masters and suddenly colleagues. Today that young man is 74. He is preparing a world tour re-interpreting in Jazz the main successes by Michael Jackson with his band of young Jazz players from around the world. His name is Enrico Rava. He is considered one of the best Jazz trumpet players alive, father of the European jazz wave of the 70ies. Necessary Notes follows Enrico in his story with full and exclusive access by the filmmaker, in a special intimate relation. While he keeps chasing new challenges, we live though the worlds and memories that changed the life of a young boy from Italy and his approach to music. Through this involuntary master of contemporary Jazz, we tell the story of how music can influence and change life, and how a dream with talent passion and courage can generate art. Just like in 1962 for him, now Enrico is surrounded by young international musicians chasing a dream. And he is still chasing his with them, renewing his pact with music.

Monica Affatato
Monica Affatato
Monica Affatato
Director of photography
Debora Vrizzi
Film Editor
Dario Nepote
Original Music
Enrico Rava
Fabio Coggiola, Emanuela Cotellessa, Roberta D'Angelo
Altri credits
Stefano Zenni (Consulenza Musicologica). Alessandra Finarino (Colorist e Grafica).
Cast and characters
Enrico Rava
Executive production
Pier Milanese, Luca Buelli
Pier Milanese per Cinefonie, Luca Buelli per Pierrot e la Rosa
Cinefonie (Torino) e Pierrot e la Rosa (Bologna)
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte e della Regione Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Fund - Fondo regionale per il documentario - produzione dicembre 2014)
Assistente alla regia
Aksinja Bellone
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Pier Milanese (Cinefonie)
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