At nighttime, a random guy approaches an IGPDecaux backlit merchandiser wearing a high-visibility bib. Is a second: tlank, flop, swish , sbam! The case’s metallic noise precedes by a few instants the internal dazzling neon light. Where before there was one of the many advertisements which lead us to purchase, now there is a message that forces us to reflect, almost to laugh. The morning after the following headlines appear in the newspaper: “The Banksy of Turin strikes again: Art or vandalism?” “Here the new work of the Street Artist Andrea Villa who gets politicians pilloried.” But who is he, and why are his works so striking? Andrea Villa is a Street Artist for the most distracted, a conceptual artist for salon critics and an inveterate provocateur to politicians less accustomed to confrontation. But also, and above all, he is a thief: a gentleman thief who takes care not to spoil the cases or urban decor and that never replaces advertising of small productive realities with his works.

Andrea Villa steals space from conformism by offering us a space of thought. On the other hand, Picasso said that artists copy, geniuses steal, didn’t he?


The intended purpose of the documentary is to present the peculiarity and eccentricity of it protagonist: Andrea Villa He is a young Turin-based Street Artist that in a few years has managed to make a lot of talk about himself and his urban intervention. His art is sharp and satirical which led us to develop an investigation into the visual and speculative phenomena that are characterizing our society. Web’s iconography is a derived aspect, another way to start a search on the power of images.

The film wants to show this debuting reality without filters and especially with no judgment or definitions: Is what Andrea Villa does Art? It is not for us to give the answer but is our duty to open debate and collect answers. To talk about this counterculture or subculture could be the way to pull itout and give it a more visible place on the surface.

Director of photography
Alessio Nicastro
Film Editor
Emanuele Segre
Original Music
I Shot a Man
Domenico De Fazio (Presa diretta, Montaggio e Mix Audio)
Altri credits

Emanuele Segre (Visual Fx, Color Correction); Anna D'Urbino (Assistente post-produzione);Simone Dipietro (DIT); Francesco Boccadoro (3d Modeling); Andrea Baldereschi (Marketing Strategist); Sveva Bersezio (Delegato di produzione - Docabout).


Cast and characters

Andrea Villa, Marco Abrate aka Rebor, Lorenzo Gnata, L'uomo tigre, la mamma mascherata, Olga Gambari, Massimiliano Tonelli, I Truly Design, Riccardo Costantini, Max Magaldi, Nova Dance Studio.

Organizzatore generale
Sveva Bersezio
Executive production
Federico Mazzola, Emanuele Segre
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo giugno 2021
Assistente di produzione
Enrica Fenoglio
Last update: 06 September 2023