Let's try not to breathe for a moment. What happens to the world when we stop breathing? When are we afraid, when do we detach from ourselves? It happens that the world, however sick, continues to heal us, becomes aware of every single creature and makes us reborn. It heals the wounds of our origins, through a universal song, hidden miles away. With the vibrations of sounds, the world is close to each of us, it even touches us inside our soul. A human resonance. Which, on closer inspection, is the pentagram of a universal DNA.

The Song of Breathing tells the story of masters of nomadic cultures, confronted with globalization and the Western culture, aware that their knowledge is in jeopardy and once lost it will be irrecoverable. Their young students learn to listen to their environments, the peculiar songs and become aware of their own breathing. The idea of the film comes from an intimate experience: during pregnancy and at the time of giving birth, I rediscovered an almost primitive way of listening. My singing guided my breath, the Breath guided me and the creature I carried in my womb during growth and birth / rebirth: the birth of my daughter and my rebirth. I perceived my body as a sounding board and felt the vibrations of a great breath that unites us. Singing and breathing eased my pain, so much so that while giving birth I didn't scream but I sang. Pregnancy is a wonderful journey. I kept looking for that great unifying breath into the world.

Simona Canonica
Daniela Persico, Simona Canonica, Rico Andriolo
Daniela Persico, Simona Canonica, Rica Andriolo, Dario D’Amato
Director of photography
Bastian Esser
Rico Andriolo
Altri credits

Stefania Bona (Assistente operatore); Ouvert (Mdp, materiale tecnico); Imago VFX (Audiodescrizione, sottotitoli).

Executive production
Daniele Segre, Daniele De Cicco, Nicola Bernasconi (Rough Cat)
Daniele Segre, Daniele De Cicco, Amel Soudani
Amka Films Productions, Redibis Film
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - produzione giugno 2022; provincia autonoma di Trento – Trentino Film Fund; Eurimages; Ministero della Cultura – Fondo per le coproduzioni minoritarie; Ufficio Federale della Cultura; RSI Radiotelevisione Svizzera; Canton Ticino – Dipartimento dell’educazione, della cultura e dello sport
Last update: 08 May 2024