Enrico is an experienced climber, always looking for the perfect ascent, the ideal way towards the peak, even if, working in the diary of the family, he spends more time gazing at cheeses rather than admiring the mountains.
Arianna is a young filmaker, mountains buff, and she will join him in the next expedition.
Enrico and Arianna are training on their mountains to face the new adventure. The goal is ambitious: the very first ascent of Cerro Dos Cumbres, the highest peak of Cordon Mariano Moreno, a mountain range in the Hielo Continental Patagonico Sur, the widest glacier in the world. Here nobody has ever tried such a difficult and exousting challange, this will be seen by two different point of view, a precious comparison of two different climbers facing the same mountain.

"A line to the top", a film that, even in respect of the tipical structure of many film about mountain climbing (the preparation, the approaching, the climbing) tries to underline the esthetic value of the climbing.
What we want to describe is not only the activity about the organization that leads to the expedition, but the creative process before it.
The film will be on two parallel lines, the filmic one and the alpinistic one, and these two will be in comparison.
Two point of view about the same fascinating motivation: the beauty of the mountain, its attractivness and the need of conquering it.
Where is the difference between looking at/filming a mountain, and attempting to climb it?
Starting from this question the climber and the filmaker exchange their glances on the mountains of the world to attempt an expedition that is also an artistic activity: to trace an ideal line on a mountain face and climb it to reach the peack.
The film has its value in the sceneries on the mountains, on the peaks and the valleys of the Alps, till the Patagonia, where nobody has never been.

Arianna Colliard, Maurizio Pellegrini
Enrico Rosso
Arianna Colliard, Maurizio Pellegrini, Enrico Rosso
Director of photography
Arianna Colliard, Maurizio Pellegrini
Film Editor
Arianna Colliard, Maurizio Pellegrini
Original Music
Christian Thoma
Alessandro Piccot | Post produzione audio: Simone Morandotti
Altri credits
Fotografo di scena: Alessandro Piccot | Correzione colore: Alessandro Zorio
Cast and characters
Arianna Colliard, Enrico Rosso, Paolo Tombini
Production Director
Giuseppe Anderi
Organizzatore generale
Paola Lavagnini
Beppe Anderi, Maurizio Pellegrini
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte e Regione Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Fund - Fondo regionale per il documentario - produzione dicembre 2012), Film Commission Valleé d’Aoste, Fila Korea Ltd, Fondazione FILA Museum, Banca di Credito Cooperativo Valdostana || con il patrocinio di: Club Alpino Italiano – Regione Piemonte, Club Alpino Italiano – Sezione di Biella
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Selezionato in concorso nei seguenti festival:
- Sestriere Film Festival 2015 (Sestriere)
- Cervino Cinemountain Festival 2015 (Breuil Cervinia / Valtournenche)
- Festival International de Ushuaia 2015 (Terra del Fuoco, Argentina)
- Teplice nad Metuij International Mountaineering Filmfest 2015 (Repubblica Ceca)

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