Through images and music only, AMATE SPONDE is a survey of our Country. From geography and enviroment to economy and industry, from housing and demography to anthropology and culture. The story of a land as it looks nowadays, a domestic Atlas of much loved, yet lost, wonders and places. The daily life of people cought in between the glorious past, and the apparent stagnation of the present. A Country, in spite of everything, in continuous transformation, suspended between the old and the new and the increasingly arduous intent to safeguard its own éthos.

"Every time I realize that Italian cinema, including me obviously, has not told anything of Italy. We know a lot about America through his films. Nothing about Italy. "

Origin of Amate sponde lies within these words of Fellini: the desire and the need to narrate our country. And we will do it only through images and music. As in a journey from the Alps to Sicily, we pass through landscape, activities, people and stories, exploring the geographical, social and cultural identity of the Country. Italy changes all the time, struggling with innovation and tradition. Saying it with the architect Pippo Ciorra, Italy is: "the complex product of a series of forces that move in different directions: large-scale industrialization and persistence of a tiny and fragmented agricultur, metropolitan caos and persisting parochialism, burocracy and anarchy". We intend to show all this with a rational yet emotional approach and without nostalgia, avoiding rhetoric and stereotypes, but dealing rather with the complexity of places and humans. Amate sponde is a visual and musical journey inside this living organism, Italy.

Egidio Eronico
Egidio Eronico
Egidio Eronico
Director of photography
Sara Purgatorio
Original Music
Vittorio Cosma
Altri credits

Zelia Zbogar (Sviluppo progetto); Massimiliano Morelli - Liquidmedia (Droni); Elikos Helicopterservice (Riprese Elivision); Irene Pallaro (Aiuto Operatore)

Production Director
Executive production
Alessandro Carroli /Eie Film), Leonardo Baraldi (Schicchera Production) in associazione con Stefano Rebechi (DBW Communication)
Eie Film, Schicchera Production in associazione con DBW Communication
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo dicembre 2017, produzione giugno 2020; Istituto Luce Cinecittà; Mibac Sostegni Selettivi alla Produzione di Documentari; Veneto Film Commission; Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission; Trentino Film Commission, IDM Sud Tirol; Sicilia Film Commission. Con il patrocinio di CNR; Legambiente; WWF; ISPRA; Società Geograrfica Italiana; Ministero dell'Ambiente. In partnership con "Contrasto" (
Festival - markets - events

Presentato a Venice Gap Financing 2020, MIA Doc Pitching Forum 2020

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