Maria Anna lands in Lisbon at the age of 25 to marry a young king, just nineteen, John V, in one of the richest kingdoms in Europe: Portugal. The queen who came from the cold Austrian lands, in the encounter with the warm Lisbon, will become the protagonist and promoter of a movement of profound cultural renewal in the Portuguese and European court through the promotion of Italian music, opera and architecture. Maria Anna of Austria exerted her cultural influence also thanks to the help of the composer Domenico Scarlatti and the architect Filippo Juvarra, who both arrived in Lisbon in 1719, who will accompany us on this journey to get to know the precursors of our European culture.

The encounter between innovative scientific content and audiovisual production is a privileged means of reaching the public and introducing them to a still unknown part of our history. "Another voice" was born with the intention of overturning the point of view of a story of men made and told by men, in a story by a great woman and Queen Maria Anna of Austria, too often in the shadow of cumbersome Giorgio V. The story of that early eighteenth century so rich and explosive (culturally and economically), is returned to us by the voice of Maria Anna and her unpublished letters and documents, by the musical atmospheres of Scarlatti's works and by the visionary and majestic architectures by Juvarra.

A film that comes to life in a warm October in Lisbon leaves us, thanks to a virtuous academic and artistic research, a vivid portrait of a new European culture, already so present in the aristocratic sphere, which feeds on the cultural vitality of the great cities of the age: Lisbon, Turin but also Rome, Vienna, Paris.

Joao Neves
Massimiliano Ferraina
Massimiliano Ferraina
Director of photography
Film Editor
Luca Alverdi
Executive production
Luca ALverdi
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo dicembre 2020
Last update: 12 January 2024