A reading of the work of Italian writer Lalla Romano through the theme of winter which is one of the most poetic of his work.
The camera, often subjective, accompanies a look inside and restless. As if the breath of Lalla Romano went in all the winters of his life and especially a winter that would have changed life: leaving the painting for writing, with the same hesitation of who, in a street campaign, faces a crossroads .
This winter, during the Second World War, when displaced in Cuneo, Lalla Romano translates those who become masters of his life and thought: Flaubert and Delacroix.
Flaubert, Delacroix and Lalla Romano appearing in this documentary as characters and not only as historical figures. In this imaginary dialogue of Lalla Romano with its French masters, songs of the Three Stories of Flaubert and Diaries Delacroix mix poetry, in novels or interviews Lalla Romano as if they were a single stream of consciousness. A third teacher is Elias Canetti. The maximum notebooks of notes Canetti punctuated dialogue on silence, music, memory. The fourth is Joseph Joubert, perhaps the most important master of Lalla Romano. The thoughts of Joubert are recited in French.
The documentary is constructed as a collage of texts written in Lalla Romano sixty years of literary production, photos of his father at the beginning of the century in Cuneo and frameworks paintings during the two decades of his career as a painter.
Four female voices alternate in the video: that of Lalla Romano itself and that of three actresses singing songs composed with the texts of his poems, narrate the relationship with its teachers and interpret his work. The male voice interprets the maximum Joubert.
The put on stage is built with choreography by Enrica Brizzi and four performers-dancers in a former mill.

Wiliam Farnesi
Wiliam Farnesi
Director of photography
Roberto Parodi, Andrea Galafassi
Film Editor
Wiliam Farnesi
Original Music
Daniele de Luca (jazz), Ivano Ferrato (quartetto) / Canto : Maria Mamone, Leonieke Toering
Altri credits
Consulenza: Antonio Ria / Coreografa: Enrica Brizzi
Cast and characters
Performer: Enrica Brizzi, Ivana Messina, Leonieke Toering, Cristiana Celadon, Valentina Balmamion / Voce di Lalla Romano: Michela Cescon / Voce poesie di Lalla Romano: Elena Borgogni / Voce di Joubert: Guillaume Zitoun / Quartetto d’archi: Miriam Maltagliati (primo violino), Raffaella Azzario (secondo violino), Laura Ferrara (viola), Laura Manca (violoncello)
Wiliam Farnesi
Associazione Amici di Lalla Romano (Milano)
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte e della Regione Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Fund - Fondo regionale per il documentario - post produzione settembre 2008)
Festival - markets - events

Alba - Alba International Film Festival 2007 (in sviluppo)
- Bellaria Film Festival 2009 - Concorso Anteprima Doc
Rodi (Grecia) - Ecofilms International Film & Visual Arts Festival 2009
Torino - marzo 2010 10° Piemonte Movie Panoramica Doc (Anteprima locale).
9/7/2010 "L'immagine e la parola"  / Premio letterario Antonio Fogazzaro

Wiliam Farnesi