Irene is the protagonist of a journey that begins in a town in the Italian Alps, on the border with Austria and Switzerland. Her father is a travel agent, while her mother educated her according to the scout value. So Irene learns to live in the midst of nature and to live with friendship and respect for the mountain. An emotional journey, a Spiritual Road Movie in search of Jesus, during which Irene meets a young performer who wanders through the streets of Turin dressed in a tunic, with the long beard and hair of a prophet, and who interacts with people who see him as a figure they can trust, like Jesus. But this encounter is not enough to appease Irene’s thirst for knowledge. She leaves Jesus to his destiny, and the journey of the young scout continues to Brazil, to the syncretic rites and native tribes of the Amazonian rainforest, to the rituals that transform skulls into birds, leaving the sense of security to open herself up to destiny, to the beauty of nature.

Reality becomes a poetic universe through the path of artistic growth up. The vocation of Mexico, the absolute Chaos of Vietnam and Cambodia. Irene distance herself from the religion to have to do with the holy.

A Cross wants to be the search for a spirituality and a sustainable life made up of paths and routes where the individual measures himself with his own limits. I spent the period of the pandemic walking in the woods near my home with my dog, as I used to do when I was a kid, before leaving my family home. This period of reflection turned into a new spiritual quest: for a traveler like me, this particular moment became an intensification of journeys into the imagination, into memories, into dreams.

This rekindled in me the desire for a slow journey. Perhaps because of the need to recover a lost contact with nature and its rhythms; or perhaps because of the idea of being able to rely solely on one's own strength, because of the desire for solitude and silence, because of the possibility of introspection that only walking offers. For the opportunity to be - finally - alone in the company of oneself. My physical walk has always gone hand in hand with my meditative and spiritual walk and still does. This new project is a milestone of all this, and it's ready to come to light. And so am I.

Director of photography
Simone Rosset, Stefania Bona
Altri credits
Cast and characters
Organizzatore generale
Francesca Riccardi
Riccardo Annoni
Start - Noha Film - con Rai Cinema - In associazione con: Terra de Punt
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo dicembre 2017, produzione dicembre 2020, con il supporto di RSI Radiotelevisione Svizzera
Riccardo Annoni
Last update: 28 July 2023