A mystery surrounds the figure of Vittorio Amedeo Gioanetti, brilliant chemist, entrepreneur and Mason who made Turin one of the most important centers of production of porcelain between '700 and' 800. An entrepreneurial venture wanted by the Savoy who, with the Royal Porcelain Factory in Vinovo, gifted Italy with an excellence in the production of applied art objects to rival other European courts. Few years of
intensive activities led the works of Gioanetti to be appreciated by Napoleon and Luigi Enaudi, and later to be disputed by the most important museums worldwide (New York, London, Limoges, Turin, Geneva, Faenza), as well as and from major auction houses.
But which is the mysterious formula to produce so refined porcelain that even today we do not know? A team of chemists, historians, museum curators and professors tell this extraordinary adventure in between entrepreneurship, art and mystery.

The goal is to create an educational film able to underline
the historical, cultural and artistic relevance of Vinovo
porcelains production. The film is divided in chapters: first,
the historical period, the Piedmont Realm between
1750/1830 with an insight look on the life at court. Then a
historical overview on porcelain: its birth in the Far East
during Middle Ages, the mystery that surrounded it through
many centuries and finally its spread in Europe in 1700.
The core of the documentary is V.A. Gioanetti, his life and
studies in chemistry and his managerial activity as a
manufacturer of porcelain in Castello Della Rovere in Vinovo,
the Royal Porcelain Factory wanted by the Savoy Family in
1770 and active for about 50 years with changing fortunes.
The presenter introduces different topics and various
experts: teachers and essayists, researchers of history and
chemistry, museum conservators and exhibition curators.
Docufictional inserts, illustrations and graphics will explain
local contest, working methods and the chinaware Factory.
Large contribution will be devoted to the best works of the
museums, with precise analysis by the experts.

Associazione Culturale H12
con il sostegno della Film Commission Torino Piemonte e della Regione Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Fund - Fondo regionale per il documentario - sviluppo dicembre 2016)
Damiano Monaco (Associazione Culturale H12)