Giuliano Calore was born in Padova (Italy) in 1938.
During his life he has contributed to write the history of extreme cycling. Some of his extraordinary exploits are today in the Guinness World Records and they led him to receive the coveted honor of “King of the records”. 
Giuliano Calore is now 77 years old and he is determined to realize his last record: 
descending mount Stelvio (the set of some of his previous astounding proofs of balance, tenacity, and inexhaustible power, and also the set of some of the most famous pages in the history of cycling) at night, with his bike with no handlebars and no brakes, only illuminated by a flashlight and the moonlight.
The documentary tells the incredible story of this bizarre character, somewhere in between an old-fashioned gentleman and a pub bettor, with a boundless passion for cycling, and for a free, unconventional lifestyle. 

Fabrizio Lussu and Anna Grendele have met Giuliano Calore in a totally fortuitous way, in 2012.
The two authors are not cycling fans and yet (or perhaps precisely for this reason) they have seized in the history of this "extreme cyclist" (seventy-five years old at that time) all the necessary ingredients to build and tell a good, interesting, meaningful story.
And so they did. They created the short film "The Man of Records" taking the chance of a contest organized by RepubblicaTV.
In addition to being on the 10 shortlist's works among more than 200 stories presented, the short film has allowed Fabrizio and Anna to deepen the story of Giuliano Calore, finding it even more interesting, profound and multifaceted than they had initially guessed.
Public interest was a second element of surprise, by going above and beyond all expectations and, more importantly, involving not only cycling fans.
Hence the desire to make a feature film, and the reasons given above (the interest of the story, its universality, its marketability to different audiences and media) are behind Stuffilm's decision to produce this film.
“48 Hairpin Bends by Night” is the 1st film produced by Stuffilm whose directors do not belong to Stuffilm itslef.
We are particularly proud of this growth, of this shift from self-production to film production.

Fabrizio Lussu
Anna Grendele, Fabrizio Lussu
Anna Grendele, Fabrizio Lussu
Director of photography
Fabrizio Lussu
Original Music
Giorgio Boffa, Paul Beauchamp
Cast and characters
Giuliano Calore; Anita (ex-moglie di Giuliano Calore); Simone Temperato (meglio noto come Magico Tempe - Ciclista estremo); Fiorenzo Zanella (Olimpionico a Seul e Presidente dell'Associazione Azzurri d'Italia); Daniele Bertocco (ciclista e meccanico di Giuliano Calore); Zeno Odorizzi (amico e coetaneo di Giuliano, con lui nel gruppo musicale Gildo Fattori e i suoi Strangers); Marco Gatti (Biomeccanico presso Bici Lab Cassani); Elisabetta Borgia (psicologa presso Bici Lab Cassani).
Production Director
Organizzatore generale
Executive production
Fabio Mancari
Stuffilm Creativeye A.P.S.
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte e Regione Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo luglio 2015)
Stuffilm Creativeye (Paolo Casalis)
Last update: 08 June 2017