Giovanni Valetti , born 1913. In 1938 he wins Giro d’Italia and Tour de Suisse. In 1939 he wins again. Defeating, among his opponents, a guy called Gino Bartali.
A cycling champion, a hero of his times. But, unlike other champions, nothing but some poor information are available nowadays. Quite nothing survives in collective memory, even for cycling experts. Nevertheless, Giovanni Valetti’s history is fascinating. He was protagonist of cycling history’s mythical events, in a time when cyclism was built on sweat, incredible efforts and poor earnings.
Why Valetti’s myth hasn’t attained our times? Why the present generation knows nothing about him? The documentary tries to propose some hypothesis and express the epic flavor of historical cycling, through the investigation of the events that marked his life as an athlete and a man.

Lucio Lionello, Simone Gigiaro, Gabriele Monaco
Lucio Lionello, Simone Gigiaro, Gabriele Monaco
Director of photography
Timothy Heys Cerchio
Film Editor
Cast and characters
Carlo Valetti, Onorina Valetti, Beppe Conti, Marco Pastonesi, Carlo Delfino, Luciano Berruti, Alfredo Martini.
Production Director
Gabriele Monaco
Organizzatore generale
Associazione Culturale H12
Executive production
Simone Gigiaro
Associazione Culturale H12 (Vinovo, TO)
H12 associazione culturale (Vinovo, TO)
con il sostegno della Film Commission Torino Piemonte e della Regione Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Fund - Fondo regionale per il documentario - sviluppo dicembre 2012 - “Piemonte Doc Film Fund Under 30", nell’ambito dell’accordo tra il Dipartimento della Gioventù della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri e la Regione Piemonte)
Istituto Luce
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Ghirlanda d'Onore al FICTS Fest, il Premio Pindaro all'Overtime Sport Film Festival e i premi Miglior montaggio e Miglior sceneggiatura all'International Sport Film Festival.

H12 Associazione Culturale (Gabriele Monaco)