Letizia Battaglia: photographer, ecologist, politician, mother, free woman and out of the box, her ability to tell through the photographic lens about the mafia and Sicilian reality made her famous in the world. For Italians she is the most famous photojournalist, for the people of Palermo she remains simply "Letizia". A piercing-eyed figure who stands out in the crowd, Leica around her neck, in moments of joy as in those of desolation. She began her work at the Sicilian daily L'Ora, breaking the rules of a male-dominated journalistic world, launched the magazine Mezzocielo, an expression of women's social commitment, then committed herself to the front line against the Mafia alongside Leoluca Orlando in Palermo's municipal administration even before the 1992 massacres. Letizia is "battle" in name and in fact. This film draws on unpublished shots and testimonies to tell the story of the life of an indomitable pioneer of photography who contributed with her work to writing one of the fundamental pages of Italian history.

For the first time just over a year after her passing, this film aims to tell the story of Letizia Battaglia with a perspective look. It is time to leave it to others to tell, not so much who Letizia was, but "their" Letizia. Those who have seen her art refined, who have seen the anger grow with her, as well as the power of her photographs. Those who have seen Letizia become Battaglia. So a choral and multifaceted narrative, to capture in all the richness the complexity of her character, her art and her civil commitment. A film intended for an international audience to pay tribute to one of the most interesting figures in contemporary Italian culture.

Cécile Allegra
Cécile Allegra
Cécile Allegra
Director of photography
Laurent Fénard
Film Editor
Original Music
Mathias Duplessy
Altri credits

Ilaria Sbarigia (Archive Producer); Cristina Rajola (consulente Archivi).

Production Director
Mathieu Cabannes
Executive production
Massimo Arvat, Patricia Boutinard Rouelle
Zenit Arti Audiovisive, Nilaya Productions
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - produzione giugno 2023
Last update: 12 January 2024