Una arrives home from work exhausted and without strength. She parks her car in the garage, inside which she is cramped. The whole environment is small and gives claustrophobic feelings. Una lives in a world suffused with grey. Una enters the house and finds herself in an even more cramped environment; she is massive and disproportionate to the room. The kitchen is also totally devoid of color.

Anxiety and stress lead Una to reject the messages and calls she receives, including those from her daughter, dark envelops her, and takes her away from her kitchen. Una now floats in a black dark, but she is not alone because she's facing her reflection defaced. Only going out into the garden to find a moment of serenity can awaken Una from her vision. Una goes out and finds herself in her garden, surrounded by greenery, she experiences a moment of peace through nature, and she begins to breathe again and to see in color.

Mono is a virtual reality short film in animation that was created by asking whether contact with nature can help relieve stress and depressive symptoms and give a moment of peace during difficult times. Virtual Reality is a medium that creates direct connections between the viewer-user and the story in which they are immersed and is a medium of conveying empathy. In "Mono" the viewer is 'active consciousness' experiencing what Una feels.  

The natural element is also substantial in the choice of visual representation of the story; watercolor, and consequently water, which reveals its presence mainly in the last scene, represents life with its continuous flow and regeneration. It is also light and color. 

Mono aims to make people consider contact with nature as peace, to talk about the fundamental importance it has for any human being, regardless of gender, social background, or ethnicity, and to reconsider the alienation human beings inflict on themselves to survive, the born-work-die triad.

Chiara Troisi
Chiara Troisi
Chiara Troisi
Original Music
Guglielmo Diana
Altri credits

Chiara Troisi (Art Direction); Federico Lagna (Supervisione produzione); Maurizio Marseguerra (Direzione tecnica).

Production Director
Executive production
Alice Drago, Federico Lagna, Maurizio Marseguerra
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Short Film Fund - dicembre 2020
Last update: 15 May 2024