Neverbird Productions is a Film production company founded by filmmaker Matteo Bernardini and costume designer Cesare Bernardini with the aim of producing international projects that encompass different media from Film to Opera to Literature.

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Matteo Bernardini
Recent works

Maria Cristina Carlini, a Portrait - documentario d'arte contemporanea - Matteo Bernardini (Italia, 2014, HD, 15'), Neverbird Productions (Italia)
Il Palloncino di Carta - Spot sull'Affidamento Familiare della Città di Torino - Matteo Bernardini (Italia, 2015, HD, 1'50"), IK Produzioni e BabyDoc Film, in collaborazione con Neverbird Productions.
An After-Thought - cortometraggio - Matteo Bernardini (Italia, 2015, in lavorazione), Produzione: Neverbird Productions e The Open Reel.

Last update: 30 January 2020