It's a long winter that seems to have no end. A man and a woman are cold and alone. They find shelter in the rubble of the Ultimo Impero (Last Empire), a former disco which had made thousands of people dance in the 90s. In front of the decadent simulacrum of a world that was, he and she look for food, money and warmth in a suspended time made up of waiting and silences. We don't know where they come from, nor where they are headed, but it is right there in the ULTIMO IMPERO that, thanks to an unexpected gesture of humanity, their solitudes will meet.

In the 1990s, the Ultimo Impero (Last Empire) was the biggest disco in Europe. Symbol of a glorious era from a musical point of view and beyond, it had made an entire generation of kids dance. There was no internet, the Berlin Wall had just collapsed and faith in a better future was still a precious existential resource for facing the present.Today all this appears to be a ridiculous chimera, a legacy of the twentieth century, and so the characters of Ultimo Impero inhabit this ruined space like shivering animals that find themselves protected in an abandoned temple at the end of civilization. They walk warily among the rubble of what remains of this lost time and sometimes in their endless silences they manage to perceive the echo of ghosts dancing imprisoned within the walls of the old disco.

Alessandro Aniballi, Danilo Monte
Director of photography
Film Editor
Set Design
Maurizio Fo, Federico Bregolato
Costume Design
Giovanni Corona (Presa diretta e Sound Design) , Matteo Valeri (Presa diretta)
Altri credits

Alessandro Aniballi (Ricerca immagini di repertorio), Roberto Monte (Consulente alla sceneggiatura), Danilo Monte (Color Correction), Luca Vigliani (Aiuto Operatore, Data Manager), Raffaele Diacono (Assistente Operatore), Lello Roppolo (Elettricista), Beatrice Coronas (Assistente al trucco), 

Cast and characters

Mohamed Amine Bour, Alessandra Rosa, Francesco Lattarulo, Massimiliano De Serio

Production Director
Cristina Tosatto
Filmine, ActingOut
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Short Film Fund - giugno 2021
Tiny Distribution
Collaborazione alla sceneggiatura
Mohamed Amine Bour
Assistente al montaggio
Anastasiya Shostak
International sales
Zen Movie
Last update: 08 November 2023