09 Marzo 2023

The Film Commission Torino Piemonte can boast an outstanding level of operability for 2022 as well, with 217 productions and an average of 3 active sets per day. Thanks to the trust of the institutions and the 12 million in European funds that the Piedmont Region makes available for the next three years, we will keep investing in internationality, quality, and responsibility.” This is the comment on last year’s results by Beatrice Borgia, the president of FCTP. Director Paolo Manera adds: “thanks to the offered services, the subsidies, and the local professionals, FCTP confirms itself as an important focal point, that in 2022 has produced a recognized expense on the territory equal to about 24 million. Thanks to the 3 selective funds, 58 more projects were supported, which will be realized within 2024.

With the support of the Film Commission Torino Piemonte

With 217 productions adding up to more than 1.000 days of filming on the Piedmontese territory (which means an average of 3 active sets per day) and the assignment of subsidies – through its 3 calls – to 58 projects, in 2022 Film Commission Torino Piemonte has confirmed the number of audiovisual works supported during the previous year, which already represented the absolute best result since the creation of the Foundation in 2000.
The productive intensity of the audiovisual industry strengthens the position that Turin and Piedmont fulfill in the Italian and international landscape – with continuity of projects, sets, and a work of high level – positioning the territory among the most active on a national level.

16 feature films and 12 TV series were realized thanks to the various tools of support made available together with the funds that, throughout the year, have produced the contemporaneity of several sets in Turin and Piedmont, and a recognized expense on the territory equal to about 24 million, with periods of clear productive intensity: 5 productions starting in early September and no less than 9 simultaneous big sets in the middle of October, not to consider the economical impact coming from the 2 weeks of filming of the global blockbuster “Fast X” – and the previous 20 weeks focused on preparation – and long serialities such as the second seasons of “Cuori” and “Il Re”.

116 weeks of filming and 107 weeks of total preparation for feature films and TV series, crucial data to determine the productive weight of projects that have ranged from independent cinema to international titles such as “L'amica geniale”, “Ferrari”, “2Win”, “La legge di Lidia Poet”, and the already mentioned “Fast X”.

On a parallel line with movies and TV series, FCTP has also supported the realization in Turin and Piedmont of 27 short films, 29 documentaries, 48 advertisements, 20 TV programs, 11 video clips, and 54 reportages, photo shootings, and institutional videos.

The supporting action that the Foundation grants to production companies – from majors to independents, from no-profits to schools, through all the productive genres – was actualized through the services that the production office has made available, the spaces that were granted at the Foundation’s headquarters, and the 34 inspections, namely the location scoutings organized on the territory – also thanks to the Regional network launched by FCTP in 2017 that now gathers 100 cities, with 38 new memorandums of understanding that were signed during 2022.

The Film Funds of Film Commission Torino Piemonte

Through the 3 funds destined to produce short films, the development and the production of documentaries, the development of films and TV series, FCTP has also allocated € 760.000 in contributions to 58 projects: 7 short films through the Short Film Fund, 40 documentaries through the Piemonte Doc Film Fund, and the support through the development stage of 9 feature films and 2 TV series through the Piemonte Film Tv Development Fund.

Communication, promotion, events

The activity of communication and promotion – on the territory, in Italy, and abroad – has also continued to fulfill a central and across-the-board role for the Foundation, granting an increasingly higher exposure to the excellence of the local branch. The presence at the main European festivals has featured 21 projects supported by FCTP selected in the main festivals, among which it is worth mentioning the Jury Prize to “Le otto montagne” in competition at Cannes, and two successes produced by Piedmontese production companies: the Best Film Award to “After a Revolution” to the Biografilm Festival and the victory to the European Film Award for “Manodopera”, which was already presented and prizewinner in various international contexts.

On the local front, 9 previews were organized in the City (among them “Corro da te”, “5 minuti prima”, and “Amanda”), together with 9 set visits on some of the most important projects that were hosted on the territory (among them “Non morirò di fame”, “Animale/Umano”, “La bella estate”) and targeted industry activities among which the 5th edition of TFI Torino Film Industry is surely worthy of a mention, an initiative that the Foundation has been coordinating since its launch in 2018.

In 2022 FCTP has kept intact the outstanding level of operability both on the productive side – confirming, with no less than 217 productions, the record numbers of the previous year – and the promotional, institutional, and strategic side.” This is the comment by Beatrice Borgia, president of the Foundation since November 2021, adding that “we have continued working following the guidelines that were indicated at the start of the mandate, aiming for quality, responsibility, and internationality: we hosted important foreign productions and international coproductions, investing at the same time on independent cinema. What was crucial – and will still be – is the great show of trust by institutions, with the announcement by the Piedmont Region of the investment of 12 million for the next three years and the renewal – with triplicated supply – of the Fesr Funds, that during these years have already produced results and multipliers that are more than substantial”.

The director Paolo Manera highlights how “thanks to the entirety of services that the territory makes available for audiovisuals and the quality of local professionals – more and more able to fulfill high-level roles within the troupes – our Film Commission proves itself as a focal point for many productions, even when our territory is chosen for stories that are set elsewhere. The amount of the qualified expense in Piedmont, 24 million Euros of which 50% for expenses tied to personnel, shows the virtuosity of the system and the synergies that Turin and Piedmont have earned. Not to forget that, with the assignment of € 760.000 to 58 projects – from short films to TV series – we guarantee fundamental support to young talents, independent cinema, and the writing and development of new and original projects: which will be realized from now to 2024.

At the financial press conference that took place in Turin today, the Assessor to Culture, Tourism, Commerce of the Piedmont Region Vittoria Poggio also participated to compliment herself both with Manera, who has been confirmed as vice-president of the Italian Film Commission for the second time, and with the whole conduct of the Film Commission Torino Piemonte which will, she said, never fall short of support by the Region.

Lastly, Professor Paolo Biancone, professor of Economy at the University of Turin announced: “with the research of a Social Report, we intend to create the first report of social sustainability to narrate our territory with a perspective of change and action, amplifying what happens on the territory. Not a simple document but an opportunity for a conversation with the territory on a touristic, cultural, environmental, and social scope, as well as the direct and economic impact on the territory. The first social report systematizing all these concepts. The first Film Commission that does anything like this.