27 Ottobre 2023

After four weeks of filming entirely in Piemonte, filming of "Sacred Creatures", an Italian-Canadian dark comedy which sees the directorial debut of Frieda Luk, concludes in Chieri.

Produced by My Sister Miriam Films Inc. and the Italian Doppio Nodo Double Bind srl, with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte, the film tells the story of the Sarracino brothers who find themselves after 10 years, in Italy, in Marene, where the youngest of the three lives. A story that talks about supernatural and misunderstandings and which, moving from darker and noir tones to more markedly grotesque and comedy tones, reflects on the concept of spirituality and the search for an ideal and transcendent guide.

The protagonist of the story is Miriam - played by the young American actress Olivia Luccardi - who, upon her arrival in Italy, becomes convinced that she is connected to a superior force and becomes, against her will, the spiritual guide of a group of young followers. At his side James Cusati-Moyer, Romina D'Ugo together with the Italian actor Antonio De Matteo and Pia Engleberth.

Made mostly in Marene, in the home of her brother Ray and her partner Renzo, the feature film also involved the Municipality of Bra and the City of Chieri where, at the hospital, the final scenes were filmed.
An independent production made up of an international crew including many Piedmontese professionals, approximately 50% of the staff involved.

I am happy to have been able to witness the final stages of this independent and international production in Chieri, my hometown, which involves young and promising American actors. Thus comments the president of Film Commission Torino Piemonte Beatrice Borgia, adding that "a first work strongly connected to our territory, which involved 3 Piedmontese municipalities also thanks to the regional network of our Foundation and the memoranda of understanding that continue to bring concrete results"

The three Sarracino brothers have not seen each other for 10 years. Ray, the youngest, has finally managed to bring his two sisters - Michelle and Miriam - to Italy, where he lives with Renzo, who is a recognized artist. Their grandmother revealed to Ray that Miriam has been a little "strange" lately and that maybe a vacation could do her some good. Miriam's arrival brings a strange atmosphere to the house. When Miriam reads an old self-help book stolen from a bookstore, she becomes convinced that she is truly connected to a higher force. Her enthusiasm attracts the attention of Renzo's eccentric aunt, Carlotta, who tries to organize a group of followers around her. Soon Ray, Renzo and Michelle find themselves catapulted into the "Santa Miriam" phenomenon. While Renzo is increasingly enraptured by Miriam's teachings, Ray and Michelle are stunned by his newfound popularity.