In 1957 the world was schocked by the Sputnik I mission, while in a private space station called Bert Tower, on the hills of Torino, Italy, two young brothers, Achille and Giovanni Battista Judica Cordiglia, were acting as forerunners of hacking: just with the help of their genius they recorded every radio signal from the space during the whole Cold War period. Space Hackers is an historical documentary based on their incredible private archive, made of unique audio-recordings and 8mm and 16mm films shot by the brothers themselves, and their funny and passionate story. The saga of the space race between the US and USSR is told through this personal and extraordinary story.

Alessandro Bernard, Paolo Ceretto
Director of photography
Ned Burgess
Film Editor
Ruben Korenfeld
Lauraent Rodriguez
Altri credits
Nina Bernfeld (assistente di ripresa); Raffaele Stillavato (macchinista); Marco Duretti (supervisore alla postproduzione); Paolo Papalino (supervisore telecinema); Jane Weiner (ricerche); John Rugman (traduzioni); Luana Rao (contabilità); Jérome Pedron e Pierluigi Ollivero (legale); Luca Bonavita (operatore cams)
Cast and characters
Achille Judica Cordiglia, Giovanni Battista Judica Cordiglia, Maria Teresa Judica Cordiglia, Laura Furbetto, Marco Blaser, Alberto Rossotto, Ugo Sartorio
Production Director
Emiliano Darchini
Organizzatore generale
Emiliano Darchini
Executive production
Isabelle Lemonnier
Massimo Arvat, Christine Le Goff, Yves Jeanneau
Studio International (Francia), Arte France (Francia)
con la partecipazione di Fox International Channels Italy, RTSI, TSR, YLE Teema, DR tv, RTBF, SBS, VPRO, Planète, Regione Piemonte, Film Commssion Torino Piemonte, Programma MEDIA Sviluppo Unione Europea
Arte Francia, Fox International Channels Italia, Rai Educational, DRTV, RTSI, RTBF, Planète, TSR, SBS, VPRO, VRT, YLE Teema.
Assistente di produzione
Riccardo Fois, Vincenzo Giardelli, Francesca Portalupi
International sales
Arte France
Festival - markets - events

- (in sviluppo) Documentary in Europe Workshop - Bardonecchia (Pitching Forum 2005)
- Festival Paris Science 2007
- Documentary in Europe Workshop (Successful Pitch 2007)
- Soluthurner Filmtage in Svizzera, fuori concorso (gennaio 2008)
- Piemonte Movie - Un anno di cinema sotto la Mole
(marzo 2008)
- X-Science di Genova, film di apertura del festival (marzo 2008)
- Vedere la Scienza di Milano, fuori concorso (aprile 2008)
- CAID International Science Film Festival di Atene, in concorso internazionale (maggio 2008)
- Arcipelago di Roma, in concorso (giugno 2008)
- DOCSDF Festival Internacional de 
Cine Documental de la Ciudad de México, in concorso internazionale (ottobre 2008)
- 38° Roshd International Film Festival Teheran, Internation Competition (October-novembre 2008) -
Golden Statue

Massimo Arvat
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