Argante is 90 years old, but he still have good legs to go back to the mountains where he was partisan and to the mills where, in '44, ignited the fuse of a struggle that led to the signing of the Mountain Pact, clandestine agreement between workers and entrepreneurs, first in Europe, marked the equal wages between men and women.
In one of those factories Nino Cerruti is working, the son of the man who signed the agreement for the industry. The fabrics of Lanificio Cerruti are now sold all over the world and its samples are an inspiration for young designers. One of them is Christian Pellizzari, a promising young Italian fashion talent, who in the Cerruti’s archive is seeking ideas for his new collection. Christian is one who wants to understand the origin of the value of things in his hand. Nino is aware of the symbolic value of the Pact and its importance for the quality of the fabric of today.
Together they give birth to an idea: create a bespoke suit for Argante.

The intent is the production of a documentary about a pivotal event, albeit unrecognized, of the Italian history of the twentieth century. The purpose lies not in a simple historical reconstruction, but in transmitting to future generations the symbolic significance of the "Mountain Contract" and recognizing its value, still very much present in a crisis stricken actuality and in a community where still some of the best textiles in the world are produced.

Manuele Cecconello, Maurizio Pellegrini
Francesca Conti, Manuele Cecconelllo, Maurizio Pellegrini
Francesca Conti, Manuele Cecconelllo, Maurizio Pellegrini
Director of photography
Andrea Taglier
Film Editor
Manuele Cecconello
Original Music
Andrea Dalla Fontana
Altri credits

Claudio Dellavalle, Marcello Vaudano (Consulenza storica). Elena Cecconello (Comunicazione). Marcello Mustilli (Avvocato). Droni Nuove Prospettive (Droni).

Cast and characters

Nino Cerruti (Imprenditore), Christian Pellizzari (Stilista), Argante Bocchio (Partigiano), Sara Conforti (Artista - Ricercatrice moda sostenibile) 

Production Director
Francesca Conti
Elda Ferri per Jean Vigo Italia e Maurizio Pellegrini per VideoAstolfoSullaLuna
Jean Vigo Italia e VideoAstolfoSullaLuna (Biella)
con il sostegno di di MIBACT – DCG e di Film Commission Torino Piemonte e della Regione Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Fund - Fondo regionale per il documentario - sviluppo giugno 2014 e produzione luglio 2015).Con la collaborazione di:ACTA, Associazione Cultura Turismo e Ambiente (Milano) - Città di Biella - Unione Industriale Biellese - Fondazione Famiglia Caraccio (Biella) - ATL Biellese - ANPI (Associazione Nazionale Partigiani d'Italia) - Istituto Storico della Resistenza di Varallo (VC) - Istituto Piemontese per la storia della Resistenza di Torino - DOCBI - Centro Studi Biellesi.
Videoastolfosullaluna (Maurizio Pellegrini)
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