An epileptic father and an eighteen daughter live in a symbiotic and limitless relationship. The father feels ashamed of her illness, he is frequently absent from work and shares this secret only with his daughter. Fearing to be left by her, he exercised on her a kind of silent influence for years, manipulating her choices. However, this insane relationship will be more and more dangerous.

This movie is about a sick relationship, almost incestuous, where characters’ weaknesses, instincts and unconscious desires pile up and merge, roughing out a complex psychological context.
Family Room is a portrayal of the insane familiar relationships and it is about how we depend on Freudian archetypes, even when we think we overcame them and somehow we moved with the times. 

Claudio Rugiero
Claudio Rugiero
Director of photography
Film Editor
Pasquale De Luca, Martina Suppo
Costume Design
Original Music
Cristian Maillet
Mario Bonaventura, Vittorio Ciccocioppo, Pasquale De Luca e Samuele Spallitta (Microfonisti)
Moreno Bernasconi
Marta Briatore, Cinzia Negrosini, Denise Profita
Assistant Director
Ambra Stancampiano
Vittoria Adamo (Direttore casting), Chiara Rufino (Segreteria casting)
Segretario di edizione
Maria Luisa Dadduzzio
Altri credits

Cataldo De Palma (Actor coach). Gabriele Napolitano (Assistente operatore) Pasquale De Luca (Attrezzista); Mattia Benci (Elettricista); Giorgio Zingone (Factotum); Marianna Cortese (Runner). Alberto Rugiero, Eva Rugiero, Flora Rugiero e Maria Rosaria Russo (Produttori associati). Davide Piazzolla (Colorist). Chiara Rufino (Traduzione dialoghi); Claudio Rugiero (Sottotitoli); Martina Suppo (Sincronizzazione sottotitoli). Mario Bonaventura e Marialuisa Dadduzzio (Backstage). Marianna Cortese e Carolina Pelosi (Fotografia di scena). Carolina Pelosi e Sara Toni (Comunicazione).

Cast and characters

Alessandra Baima (FIGLIA), Federico Scarpino (PADRE), Iacopo Zorniotti (RAGAZZO).

Production Director
Sara Toni
Executive Producer
Cataldo De Palma
Claudio Rugiero
Vena Artistica Associazione Culturale per lo spettacolo
Con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte
Assistente alla regia
Lorenzo Trombi
Assistente di produzione
Flora Rugiero, Maria Rosaria Russo
Last update: 27 July 2023