A fourteen years old kid, a young woman who smuggles medicines up and down the Italian Border with France and a bizarre American tennis teacher who dreams of being a painter.
Their lives turn when they come across an illegal migrant.
All together, they come up with an absurd plan to help him sneak across the border.

We grew up spending our summers in a small sea side town on the border between France and Italy. A border which over the years we witnessed changing to become, today, a place of wait and tension for many.
In this movie, we wanted to transport our childhood days into today’s reality.
In order to do so, we asked our little brother to play the part of Brando, a kid whom’s naif, spontaneous and adventurous glance becomes the point of view on the story of an illegal migrant and three of his friends who decide to help him sneak across the border. Not driven by charity, but by friendship.

Orso Miyakawa, Peter Miyakawa
Orso Miyakawa, Peter Miyakawa
Orso Miyakawa, Peter Miyakawa
Director of photography
Andrey Nuzhnyy (Director of Photography)
Film Editor
Aline Hervé (Editor)
Set Design
Gianluca Agazzi (Production Designer); Yari Malaspina e Alessandro Dupré (Paintings)
Costume Design
Alessia Boccardo (Costume Designer)
Original Music
Orso Miyakawa, Peter Miyakawa & Sonoram
Riccardo Alfano
Michele Brambilla (Boom Operetor); Alexey Blagutin (1st Assistant Camera); Aessandro Bonsignori (Data Manager)
Sveva Casolino (Make up Artist)
Segretario di edizione
Maura Chiara Martin
Altri credits
Brando Facente (Graphic Designer) Benjamin Miyakawa (Unit production manager) Prokop Vignon (Capo elettricista); Stefano Brunati (Key Grip) Eugenio Garibaldi (Location Administrator); Cristina Vecchio (Location Consultant italy) Valentia Bozzola (Administration Manager); Giulia Alice Marinotto (Administration Manager); Chiara Olliveri (Administration Consultant) Leonardo Dubois (Intern)
Cast and characters
Manoel Hudec (Don), Camilla Semino Favro (Camilla), James Miyakawa (Brando), Alberto Boubakar Malanchino (Elvis), Giorgio Serra (The Pharmacist), Brando Facente (Eric the barman), Francesco Sala (Flowerman), Alessandro Bonsignori (Party animal), Giovanna Luraschi (Lady at the beach 1), Paola Luraschi (Lady at the beach 2), Caterina Molino (Lady Lucia), Maddalena Corrarati (Lady Sandra), Andrea Maffei (Lover 1), Nicole Guarischi (Lover 2), Riccardo D'Amico (Tennis Player), Carlo Dosio (Old friend 1), Walter Arimondo (Old friend 2), Andrea Maviglia (Undercover policeman 1), Nidou Ayat (Undercover policeman 2), Albino Gaspari (Italian boder guard 1), Daniele Torciero (Italian boder guard 2), Francesco Schiavone (Undercover policeman 3), Andrey Nuzhnyy (French border guard 1), Stefano Brunati (French border guard 2). Members of tennis club: Andrea Alchieri - Benito Marcozzi - Francesca Arimondo - Franco Abatescianna - Mary Molino - Maura Polito - Nicoletta Valesini - Tiberio Abatescianna
Production Director
Riccardo D'Amico
Executive production
Carlotta Dosio
Antonio Miyakawa, Francesco Melzi d’Eril, Stella Rossa Savino
Wise s.r.l. (Milano)
Assistente scenografo
Nico Miyakawa
Assistente alla regia
Francesco Schiavone
Assistente di produzione
Federcia Sosso
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