Escaping a hellish orphanage, Marilì befriends Ting, a sinister creature. But as she reunites with her WWI deserter father, she uncovers Ting's evil intents. To save her family, she must confront her choices and break free from the monstrous grip of her new “friend”.

In Ting we aim to create a haunting coming-of-age drama with horror elements, set against the backdrop of war-torn northern Italy in 1918, at the peak of the Spanish influenza pandemic. Marilì, our teenage protagonist, becomes a symbol of resilience amidst adversity.

The devastating impacts of war and pandemic take center stage, illuminating the emotional toll it extracts from Marilì and her family. Loss and grief are prevalent, as her mother succumbs to the Spanish flu and her father fights on the frontlines. We delve into the emotional journey of confronting grief and discovering inner strength.

Marilì's trauma takes on a tangible form through the character of Ting, a monstrous entity originated from Marilì’s father letters. Ting symbolises her unexpressed anger and anxiety, posing a constant threat. The horror elements serve as metaphors for the internal struggles that trauma can unleash, as in the work of authors and directors such as Stephen King, Guillermo del Toro and John Carpenter.  

The film's tone is dark and haunting, with subtle yet chilling horror elements interwoven with heartwarming moments that showcase Marilì's inner journey.

In summary, Ting is a powerful exploration of resilience, loss, and transformation amidst historical turmoil. It's a haunting coming-of-age drama with horror elements, reminding us that even in the darkest times, the human spirit can endure and conquer formidable challenges.

Maximilien Dejoie,Virginija Vareikyte, Toby Rushton
Maximilien Dejoie, Virginija Varekeite
Altri credits

Roberto Cavallini (Responsabile sviluppo)

Roberto Cavallini, James Heath
Albolina Film, MTP (UK), Just a Moment (LT)
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Film Tv Development Fund - dicembre 2022; European Co-Development 2021 del programma Europa Creativa Media - CREA-MEDIA-2021-CODEV. Partecipazione ai workshops: EAVE producers workshop 2021, European Genre Forum 2020, FEST Pitching Forum 2020
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