Ana arrives in Milan from Albania in the early 90s. She gets a job dancing on a glossy, decadent TV show and makes her way by entertaining relationships with powerful men whose gaze fall upon her dazzling beauty. "The Stranger" is the mysterious leader of a migrant movement that sets fire to luxurious, downtown store fronts. Their meeting is the beginning of a love story. When he is killed, Ana takes upon his mission: attacking the heart of power.

Ana and The Stranger are two funambulists on a runaway, speeding train. When their paths converge in Milan, the encounter creates a moment of suspension, a bubble, within the speed of the world and their plummeting lives. But it is a soap bubble, it bursts quickly. In a White Hotel totally alien to the geography of their existences, they meet and experience their love story. Brief and interrupted by external causes. The perfect love story. Milan is chosen as the paradigm of an economic and financial centre in deep and complacent decadence, shaken by mysterious peripheral uprisings. The energy comes from outside, from the province of the empire, from the migrant underdogs who travel, who walk our cities, who have crossed the west and the east. Ana and the Stranger, predators and victims at the same time. Ana is not indoctrinated but has temper and hunger. It is the circumstances, the partly chance encounters, such as those with Bianco and the Stranger, that will first allow her into the Milanese upper class and gradually lead her to an awareness, a desire for collective revenge. The Stranger is an angel of apocalypse and love. He has a double role in the film: on the one hand he coordinates the migrants' revolt, on the other he lives a brief but intimate and profound love story with Ana. It’s the human encounter at the heart of the film that drives Ana to take up his baton. In the background is the President. A kind of Colonel Kurtz who hovers indirectly throughout the story, in the places that Ana crosses, in the people she meets. In the film, all the main characters have an archetypal value. He is not a particular President, he is the President tout court, he embodies a dark, fascinating and sinister power. Disorder is an allegorical journey into a parallel world, close to our own, where certain events could have happened. Something invisible, unexpressed, existing only as virtuality, emerges.

Giacomo Abbruzzese
Giacomo Abbruzzese
Giacomo Abbruzzese
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Giulia Achilli (Responsabile sviluppo).

Giulia Achilli, Marco Alessi
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Film Tv Development Fund - dicembre 2023
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