Rome, Paris and Helsinki right after the Madrid bombings. Three stories-three main ones-about people, who for different reasons, are afraid of others. “The other”, the
neighbour, is a source of anxiety and trouble for Maddalena, Jean Paul, Eeva, as well as for Elèna, who lives in Rome, but whose parents are Middle Eastern immigrants, for professsor Usko, who has never left Finland and who is dismayed and worried at how
fast times are changing and at the intermixing of people and languages.
Eeva is a grounds staff stewardess and lives near Helsinki. She tries to keep others at a distance because she thinks that in this way she can control the world around her.
But next door to her new house lives Usko. He tries to bring her back into a human relationship. Jean Paul is a journalist who lives in Paris and suffers from post-traumatic shock after having survived by chance an attack in a war zone in which all his colleagues died. He is a man who is almost afraid to be alive and is afraid of the dangers that might be hidden around the corner. Maddalena lives in Rome. She is a young painter who
doesn’t believe in people or in feelings, and who hides behind her art. But when she meets the young Elèna, a young immigrant full of talent and dreams, she finds someone to care for.
All the characters live stories that seem distant, but with points in common which depict a humanity full of differences, but at the same time, with very similar feelings. So similar that their stories seem almost parallel and complementary.

Anne Riitta Ciccone
Anne Riitta Ciccone
Anne Riitta Ciccone
Director of photography
Fabio Cianchetti, Pasquale Mari, Fabio Zamarion
Film Editor
Marco Spoletini, Luigi Mearelli
Set Design
Maurizio Sabatini
Costume Design
Sabrina Beretta
Original Music
Franco Piersanti
Assistant Director
Alessandro Capitani
Sara Patti; Emilia Leonardi
Segretario di edizione
Altri credits

Alessio Fugolo (macchinista); Alessandra Richiardi (fotografo di scena); Daniela Cavallo (Assistente ai costumi); Alfredo 'Fred' Ferrentino (aiuto segretario di produzione); Vitaliano Crispo (attrezzista di scena)

Cast and characters

Maya Sansa (Maddalena), Jean Hugues Anglade (Jean Paul), Sulevi Peltova (Usko), Laura Malmivaara (Eeva), Massimo Poggio (Stefano), Ivan Franeck (Padre di Elena), Diane Fleri (Madre di Elena), Matti Ristinen (Karl), Romina Hadzovic (Elena), Samuel Cahu (Gabriel), Aylin Prandi (Marie), Lena Reichmuth (Sabine), Dijana Pavlovic (Madre di Elena), Diane Fleri (Caroline), Anis Gharbi. Alberto Di Candia (stuntman).

Executive Producer
Francesco Torelli
FS Film Oy
La Trincea Cinematografica (Roma)
con il sostegno della Film Commission Torino Piemonte, in collaborazione con Rai Cinema e Finnish Film Foundation.
Assistente di produzione
Umberto Vergano
Festival - markets - events

2008 - Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma sezione L'altro Cinema-Extra.
2009 - Festival Du Film Italien De Villerupt, In Concorso.
2009 - PIEMONTE MOVIE - Un anno di cinema sotto la Mole.

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