La Bottega dell'immagine is a company acting since many years in audiovisual communication fields. The cooperation within professional people, coming from movie and television fields, characterizes always our team to obtain optimum services on realizing every kind of video, both film and digital. Besides production and post-production services for institution and private clients, our company acts since many years such an independent production company or an exectutive production for everyone. La Bottega dell'immagine supplies also a subtitling service in different European languages. We follow also production and authoring DVD branch which arrange us on the top among Italian reality. Our company owns technological equipment which allow to realize edition with every broadcast standard, HDCAM included.

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Post-produzione video, montaggio
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Giorgio Mari
Recent works
Hip world (Usa/Italia, Digibeta, 13 puntate di 30') per mercato televisivo anglosassone.
Pangea Island (Usa, Maidstones Studio/UK/Italia, La Bottega dell'immagine).
Hip world gourmet (Usa/Italia, Digibeta, 13 puntate di 30') per mercato televisivo anglosassone.
PostVideoKard (Italia) Progetto audiovisivi turistico culturali - La Bottega dell’immagine.
TV8Alp (Francia/Italia, Programma televisivo bilingue, Tv8) Montblanc - Altitude Media - Otto - La Bottega dell’immagine.
Ho visto cose (Italia, documentario) Baires - La Bottega dell’immagine.