Four Studios Communication acclaimed itself as the reference network for producing premium quality audiovisual and photographic content. Located in Turin, our services turn to everyone, in particular to production companies, communications agencies, companies and any other type of business demanding an integrated, flexible and specialist solution that offers anything from studios to location-filming services, including providing logistics support and technical services. We have a strong experience and skills to successfully meet all our clients’ professional requirements. We offer spaces in a wide range of sizes for filming ,totally about 5.000 sqm, divided into comfortable environments for production; private, meeting, catering and dressing rooms; we also offer specialist personnel; and the finest quality technical material and equipment, based on your need.
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Recent works

Spot Reale Mutua "Gigi Buffon e gli oggetti molto cattivi"
Spot Acqua Lauretana con Claudio Marchisio
Spot Nastro Azzurro "THE LABEL OF TOMORROW || Armarius feat. Nastro Azzurro Beer"
Spot Fiat "SuperRottamazione" con Piero Chiambretti
Film "Dove non ho mai abitato", regia di Paolo Franchi
Film "Sadie", regia di Craig Goodwill

Campagne fotografiche Maserati
Spot Volkswagen - Indiana
Spot Opel
Spot e shooting Fiat
Spot Adidas
Spot Infasil
Spot Juventus
Spot Chicco d'oro
Spot Nike
Spot Veneto Banca
Spot Johnson&Johnson
Film Fai bei sogni, regia di Marco Bellocchio
Corto An after-thought, regia di Matteo Bernardini