Transeuropa is music, it is the vibration of sound, it is space that becomes time, tonality, poetry. Project Studio born in 1987 as an evolution of the legendary TKS, Transeuropa expresses the skills, sensitivities and values ​​of artistic production at the highest levels. Some of the most famous albums on the national scene have come to life in front of his microphones, intertwining the history of the Studio with that of Italian music. Transeuropa supports artists throughout the development of the work, from research and improvement of style and sound, to recording and post-production sessions, up to marketing and communication operations. Thanks to the high quality of the equipment and the resident technical expertise, the Studio also offers specialized services such as voiceovers, soundtracks, audio forensics, location recording.

Main activity
Colonne sonore (composizione, realizzazione, licensing)
Secondary activities
Doppiaggio, speakering
Post-produzione audio, missaggio
Modalità produttiva
Su commessa / su iniziativa
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Andrea Nejrotti
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