Our brand Shikari Dog Experience brings together all our canine activities: sport training, feeding and, of course, modeling/casting and any stage activity. We focus on Czechoslovakian Wolfdog breed and we have several animals, male and females, that can work on the stage. All of our dogs are Beauty Champions at dog shows and all of them are involved in competitive sport activities. The main projects we worked at are the BRONDI spot that went on all italian national TV channels (for foreign people, BRONDI produces phones and cells for an elder audience and the TV spot is basically a film adaption of Little Red Riding Hood story) and the Survive serie with Sophie Turner for Quibi platform, where we worked with english trainer Natalie Lagstrom from Watermill Wolves Wolfdogs.

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Animali di scena
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Animali di scena
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Marco Marotta
Recent works

Vari spot televisivi per la BRONDI, trasmessi sulle principali reti nazionali
Serie televisiva Survive per la piattaforma Quibi

Last update: 31 March 2022