Rete Doc is a network of professionals from the fields of culture and entertainment, creativity, communication, research and innovation. The organisation of Rete Doc is based on the self-management platform cooperative model. This structure improves people’s job conditions by protecting its members’ rights, safety and lawful work. Turning professional men and women into protected and interconnected employees has proven to be a successful system in bridging the gaps in the current regulations. Often, workers in the cultural and creative fields or any sectors freelancers generally operate face difficulties applying to social security. In Piedmont, in addition to the Turin branch, you can also find us in Novara and Ivrea. The head office is in Verona, but the branches extend throughout Italy. We have created a nationally network of professionals. 

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Massimo Speranza
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Le professioniste e i professionisti della rete Doc hanno un vasto bagaglio di esperienza e progetti realizzati, è impossibile elencarli senza fare torto a qualche socia o qualche socio.

Last update: 16 January 2023