SMC has been active in the recording sector for over 25 years. Founded by Renato Campajola as a mobile recording studio for acoustic music (classical and jazz) of the highest technological and professional level. Today the company is a benchmark for the Italian recording industry and is expanding business operations in the consulting and production of multimedia projects. Since 1992 SMC has collaborated with SONY DADC Austria, Europe's largest producer of optical supports and in 2003 became a Service Partner for customer services and marketing of their products. At SMC we apply technology to the Art of sound and music with passion, skill, willingness and experience, in a word: professionalism. The SMC studio works with the most important recording labels, prestigious Italian classical and jazz music magazines, private and public bodies, institutions and foundations. We also carry out numerous recording projects for national and international companies who have found music to be an ideal vehicle for enhancing the quality of their public image. The SMC studio has recorded more than 700 classical and jazz compact discs with famous solists and orchestral and chamber formations from Italy and abroad, as well as international jazz artists. SMC has recorded the sound tracks for advertising campaigns for important Italian companies and for cultural CD-ROMs, as well as recording orchestral music for films and television programs.

Main activity
Post-produzione audio, missaggio
Secondary activities
Realizzazione DCP, Blu-Ray, dvd e cd-rom, authoring, encoding
Established in
Italian, english, french
Mario Bertodo
Recent works

più di 1000 CD Audio di musica classica.

Last update: 15 October 2019