12 Giugno 2024

The penultimate movie in the now three-decade-long Fast and Furious saga is also a thrilling globetrotter: in the movie, Vin Diesel returned as Dom Toretto, and the cast included Michelle Rodriguez, John Cena, Ludacris, Nathalie Emmanuel, Sung Kang, Tyrese Gibson and Jason Momoa as the new villain, Dante Reyes. The story takes the protagonists in different places around the world, therefore “Fast X” filming locations span through Italy, Portugal, and California, without forgetting sets in Brazil and London.

The story takes Dom Toretto in Rome at the very beginning of the film, when, following The Agency’s request, the high-octane team travels to the Italian capitol to steal a computer chip. Despite the movie location never changing, filming locations jump from Rome to Turin, with the latter city transforming itself to become the former. Amongst establishing shots such as those of the Colosseum and the Altare della Patria, the keen eye can easily spot some places located in Turin.

The balcony from which Tej and Ramsey jump to the truck is located at 16 Via Vittorio Amedeo II in Turin – which is actually about 523 km from Rome. The remote-controlled car scene was filmed on a parallel street, Via Papacino. The first car explosion takes place on Piazza IV Marzo in Turin, and then, juxtaposed with an aerial shot of the famous Piazza del Popolo with its twin churches in Rome, the filming location for the spot where the truck releases the rotating bomb was actually filmed in Piazza San Carlo in Turin, a square also featuring two almost identical churches. The bomb scene where a bus is split in two also took place in Turin, in Piazza Crimea; and the bomb’s final destiny near the Vatican was filmed on Ponte Vittorio Emanuele I, also in Turin.

The Fast X crew worked in unison with Film Commission Torino Piemonte to achieve this incredible result, being thus able to not only make the most of the city’s locations and their versatility, but also to recreate and enact an all-encompassing Hollywood set.